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We must say no. Don’t fight, don’t advocate. “Super excellent” – means a player who can play more than 3 positions.

Because since ancient times, I since ancient times, I am not afraid of thousands of tricks, I am afraid of a stroke. “Specialty is a small and special” is the most powerful.

Playing football with the factory production line is different. Because of the strikers of football, midfield, defender, these three lines, these positions are too large. Such as the striker emphasizes the capacity of shooting, emphasizing the ability of the organization, and defenders emphasize the defensive ability. Moreover, football is a process that accumulates into the quality. It is necessary to have a very long professional training to become a hipster. Instead of looking at the homework instructions like the factory production line, then I can get my hand in a few days, and world biggest news channel then the master will guide it. After a month, the mature practicing will be a master.

The training mechanism of Chinese players has led to a high level of cultural levels, and understanding is limited. Therefore, it is already a Chinese dragon phoenix in 1-2 positions on the football field.

Therefore, it is necessary to play more than 3 or more position players to be cautious. In particular, there are multiple positions of crossover (forward, midfield, guard, door). This player may be very popular in the amateur team, where is it lacking. But the professional team must resolutely resist, because such a player is the key position of the other party attack. In addition, the national team must not choose such a player. Because his greatest may, every location can be seen, but it is actually very unpolished, and it is them when aaj tak news delhi today it is critical.

Of course, there is indeed that kind of uninterrupted, excellent excessive, which is excellent, but we don’t. And he certainly has only one best position. Such as Molano (forward, midfield), but the most powerful or forefoot;

Moisees (striker, midfield, guard), the most powerful is the back;

Such as Ferrene (forward, midfield, guard), is the most powerful or forever.

Who is the current national team of this national team or a multi-faced player? But they are not “super excellent”.

Wang Haochao is one, you can kick the left side guard, right side guard;

Zhang Linyi is one, you can play the guard and the right back;

Yu Dabao is one, you can play the center and middle and defenders;

Hao Junjun, is one, you can play the waist and the front waist.

and many more.

You can observe, Wang Haochao,delhi aaj tak news hindi live Zhang Linzi is the multi-faced hand on the back of the guard, there is just 2, and there is no cross-border to break through the guard line; but Hao Junjun, it is also a multi-faceted hand of the midfielder.

Yu Dabao is very special, kicks the center, and then change the inner defend because the team needs and the age. Span from the front front line to the guard line. Big span, large difficulty.

Therefore, from the effect: Zhang Linyi, Hunjun and Wang Haochao have a stronger than Dabao.

The 12 strong games have also confirmed that in Dabao kicked the defender for the national footup is a disaster. Only the game will definitely lose, it will cause loss. Dabao playing forward is the angel of Chinese men, and the big treasure of the defender is a nightmare of Chinese men.

Therefore, for the national football selection. The india news18 live striker, midfield, guard, and the door will be reasonable. Each line should choose to play the most powerful rather than the most obedient. The suspect is not used, and it is very good to use people. But there is no principle, and if you do not realize, the employer is not responsible.

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