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"How to kick the ball?" In fact, football and academic are mutually promoted

For children who practice football, with the promotion, many parents aaj tak news delhi khabar will take the “child to learn” as the originally give up football training. At this time, the coach is always google news showcase india helpless. However, in order to learn to abandon football training, is your child learn more excellent?

To learn well, children must have learning motivation, good learning habits, willpower and acceptance knowledge, understanding problems, analyzing problems, solving problems. Football, as a group’s competitive movement, the rapid changes in the game, just cultivated these capabilities, not only does not affect learning, but also effectively help learning skills.


Football can be dedicated to teaching, so that learning is half-power

Football training can help the outside children calm down to think about problems; in training, communication with coaches and peers can help the inherent children improve social power. Different personality children need different teaching methods, so that they can help children find their way of indian army latest news in malayalamlearning.

If the process of hard work in learning is often affirmed, the child is more willing to pay more efforts when they face difficulties, because the process of learning has brought him a sense of accomplishment.

So, only to stimulate your child’s interest, combine learning with life, and children will know that learning is their own. Football training is a setback education, teaching children to face their difficulties, which is also the process of stimulating children seeking.


Cultivate a successful person should have

Li Darui, a professor of the famous economics of Tsinghua University, has been analyzed: athletes not only have the physical conditions of ordinary people, but also to have special psychological qualities with successful people.

Football players know how to compete. Football is born with competitiveness,news18 india today athletes, is born to compete, like competition. Second, the player must understand teamwork, only every link is excellent, it may reach a high level of competitive state.

This also explains why athletes often stand out, because they have difficult confidence and appeal. In the case of race behind, the player needs to abandon her distraction, can’t entangle in a depressed attitude, but concentrate on thinking about the next ball, can grasp the opportunity to win. This is precisely the quality of a successful person.


Self-cultivation, learning is the key to success

Good behavior habits (especially self-made power, time management, responsibility, conditionality, etc.) are an important factor affecting children ‘s learning.

Learning is something that is constant. Can you arrange time reasonably? Can you overcome lazy? Can you times of india recent news stick to it? This is determined by the self-made ability. Football training is more hard than academic, easier to give up. If this can stick to it, what else does not hold? Football training can stimulate your child’s learning ability, only good health, energetic, child learning will be more efficient, thus improving learning. Football training more is to cultivate children’s perseverance, self-control, good combustion ability, positive positive mentality, which helps to improve their child’s future to solve work and life problems.

It can be seen that football training does not affect children’s learning, but more effectively helps children learn, as long as they arrange time, football and learning can help children grow!