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  • 1 to 1! The national football team is disappointed from hope, and the Asian football pattern changes.

1 to 1! The national football team is disappointed from hope, and the Asian football pattern changes.

There is no “home”, the situation is grim, before the Chinese team embarks to the West Asian stadium, the World Prefecture has become a challenge of hell. At the Night of UAE, the national football is still disappointed from hope. The start of the player, and Wu Lei grabbed the shot in 21 minutes, Li Tie used the way to destroy the Great Wall in the way. One 1-11, basically announced the national football “death”, the World Cup dreams also gradually beads.

For the opponent of Oman, Chinese fans are not strange, 20 years ago, Mili River night, Milu’s national football is to defeat Oman 1 to 0, historically enter the World Cup. Overhead, the wonderful memory became mottled, and when the Asian football pattern changed, the “pad of foot” has also become today’s “blocking road”. Such contrast is awkward, the battle in the adversity can only continue.

Oman is the last opponent encountered in the 12th Slural Race journey. The national football team has been in Australia, Japan, Vietnam and Saudi, and the record is a bleak 1 win, and the number of packets is second, The situation is quite critical. Since all the four rounds of the competition in this group were out of the game, Japan defeated Vietnam in the game in the game, meaning that if the national football faces Oman’s flash, you can basically prepare for the 2026 World Cup.

In the face of such a truly back water, Li Tie did not dare to pay attention to Luo Guo Fu, Alan and Jiang Guangtai at the same time – this is the most natural place in the List of the 12th Question of the National Football. In addition, Wu Lei and Zhang Yunning two the best local attack hands have also been in the middle of the town, and the midfielder is Xu Xinhe Wu Wei. Two sides have Zhang Linyi and Wang Haochao. The national football has not retired.

The stadium flooded into thousands of national football fans, and he opened a five-star red flag on the stage. When the impassioned national anthem was played, there was no reason to do not desperate. After the opening, Oman is quite a sense of convinced, but the national football will soon steadily, and it has become more than the blade. In the 21st minute, Zhu Chenjie sent a assists, Wu Leimen grabbed some of the door to the national foothold! It is worth mentioning that this is the twelve competition, the national football team got into the first half.

But today, Oman, is no longer 20 years ago, the strength of the strength is fully pressed by us, the previous game, they burst into Japan, and in the fight against Saudi, it is possible to hold the Vietnam. Down. Such Oman is a team with strong collaboration. It is quickly promoted. It can play a wonderful and smooth team.

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In fact, since Aman began to launch a counterattack, the national football is in the overall situation, and the ball ball in the first half is just 40%. Easy, the tactics of both sides become more clear, that is, Oman mainly attacking the national football owner, overall, although the national football is embarrassed, but the defense is still robust – until the 66th minute of changing the competition. I saw Li Tie’s hands and waved, and Wu Xinghan used Xu Xinhe Luo Guofeng. According to the national football team, his intention is to strengthen the control of midfielders.

However, Cheap Soccer Jersey it is this changing, so that the national football is completely lost on the scene. Xu Xinyuan is the hardness guarantee of the back waist position. Luo Guifu is a little holding point, two people, the team can only passively passively. To know, when you change people, Luo Guofu can be said to be full of confusion, and the lip tangle shows that he doesn’t want to end. After all, after the game, he is equivers and defense, and it is one of the best players.

As a result, Li Tie hopes that “steady”, the “stable”, Hao Yun lost his opponent’s long shot, and after the high-shot corner, Yan Junling took a mistake, causing the national football team to be equalized in the 74th minute. Such a contrast Manchester United Jersey is too black and humorous, and the end of the competition seems to be perfect. The classic statement of Chinese football – “There is not much time for the Chinese team!” Sharjah’s night, the national football can only accept a single game And clear and harsh reality.

1 to 1 Tight Aman, meaning that the national football 12 strong game is all over, the overall record is 1 win 1 flat 3 negative, the current lagging group 2nd Australia 6 points, the second postgraduated group 3, 5 points, Impact World Cup is really possible. But more sad than the record is the situation on the field, even if we have a naturalized player, it is also very passive in front of the Asian quadrant team.

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Of course, there is also a discussion and the employer of the coach. If you say that the 4 defenders will return to the players in the bench. The drunters of this boy-off Li Tie will have caused anger. This is a game that can be taken, and we can continue to hope, but because the coach’s leading guidance is off. This script is sad, and Chinese football has become a laughter.

Write hopes, unknown in the future, long winter, Chinese football is moving into the dark moment. But at this night, there was only wrote in the heart of Chinese fans. Once again, four years in four years, youth is short, can you wait for more than four years?

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