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40000 + 10000 + 10000, how much is James from this miracle?

At present, I have been in the 19-season LeBron James, which is undoubtedly the activated NBA’s live fossil. James not only enters the league, but also less famous, more horrible is the peak period is still long. At present, I will be 37 years old James, still can’t see it. Out of the lack of old, today’s Lao Zhan, every time the league is more effective, create his own miracle.

At present, James career has achieved 35,549 points, ranked
third, second only to 36928 points of Carl Malone and 38387 points of Jabal. Many fans believe that with this state of James, it should be the top of the NBA regular game, which is the top of the NBA regular season. However, as the attendance rate of James this season plummeted, let this thing add a simple suspense. However, surpassing Jabal became the NBA historical score, nature is not James’s biggest goal, as the Laofu of the all-round soldier, reaching 40000 points 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists is the biggest goal of struggle.

However, this miracle is likely to decline with James state, gradually become less grasped, then James is the goal, how much is it? First of all, James career data is 35549 points 9791 rebounds and 9745 assists, the first to reach 10,000, nature is assisted, current James is 255 from 10,000 assists, according to James, 7 assists, no more than 35 games can be achieved, and it is expected to be in this season.

Looking at the rebound, James is still 219 rebounds, which can reach the honor of 10,000 rebounds, but with the aging of James, he has rarely fights the frontcourt rebound. At present, James is 5 this season. Basbrucks, according to this efficiency, James is expected to be around 45, but it is also in this season.

Therefore, James’s rebound and assists are expected to break through thousands of thousands of times this season, then the last key data – score? James is currently 4451 points from 40,000 points from 35549, and the James race this season is 22.8 points. However, the sample is too small enough to consider, according to James, the season is 24 points, then according to James. 70 samples, this season, he might get about 1680 points, even if it remains in such a state, it is necessary to fight for three seasons, in order to complete 40,000 points, James has been aged 40 years old.

Therefore, it is very low that James reached 40,000 + 10,000 + 10,000, it is very low, the number of rebounds and assists is determined that tens of thousands are nail, but they score more than 40,000 points is too difficult. At the time. Let the 39-year-old James, averaged 24 points, but also kept 70 attendance rates in a season, really spared Lao Zhan!