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  • 73 miserable! NBA is the most bad! 30 years old record is also broken!

73 miserable! NBA is the most bad! 30 years old record is also broken!

The sun is fighting, I saw Paul suddenly excited.

One meter-eight man is three feet high, it is better to hang basket dunk

Until going back to the board, also muttered

I don’t know what evil in the gun brother.

Paul’s feeling, a mysterious force is breaking through the seal!

Grizzlies and Thunder games have never entering the eyes of grapefruit

After all, one is a powerful candidate for the total champion of the season.

And the other, just broken, the core is chair

How to see this game, it should be a rookie

Grapefruit is wrong! Grapefruit is wrong! Grapefruit can’t be wrong!

It is a rookberr, or a white chicken, it is a meal but not for us.

The grapefruit has seen so many games, and the bureau is also very small.

But like today’s Grizzlies, swallowing and sneaking and eating, telling the truth.

This … this scene, I really scared the grapefruit! Can’t live in

The first quarter is pulled off in the two digits, and the half is lost 36 points.

I lost my suspense early early, but everyone did not want to go.

People feel that people think … I have the opportunity to witness history

See the number of law enforcement referee, the grapefruit is also silently behind the screen …

I believe … fate from the day!

50, 60, 70 … dividing all the way soared, everyone is awkward

Grizzlies across the squad, there is no detailed look at it.

Thunder’s defense can’t be said to be paper paste, it is a shooting machine

The speed of the French surrender and the Russian city are different than two

Finally, with the final red light, the audience is silent.

In the quiet air, it seems to hear a clear whistling

“Yeah! Freedom! I finally arrived!”

People clearly distinguish, is from Phoenix

79-152, full of 73 points … 58 has become history

Mang of major media, according
to the mood that can’t live with melon

NBA has not passed this scene for 30 years!

Before today’s Thunder, the NBA history maximum lost record

It was the thermal fire in 1991. I was laughed at 68 points that year.

Nowadays, a newer has changed the old man, and the Thunder is finished.

All League … All universe can’t shake their determination to compete

It’s not so silent with Arthur on the line …

In addition to the record of the total score, the Grizzlies 82 points in the Zhuang Zone

It is a team that has been to this record in the past 25 years.

It is also the first time after 2000, it is true to fight the Thunder.

And in May, the Thunder was 57 points at home.

So they are on the NBA history, the home is the biggest difference.

There are too many bad records, and the number of grapefruits can’t come.

So the lowest low-negative value is not enough.

After the Molantels, it will be pushed: damn, I can’t wait to return.

This is a great victory of the Grizzlies team. True to kill people …

Now everyone thinks that the thunder is smashing, crazy ridicule

Suddenly someone turned the gun, with the fans mentioned a mouth:

Eh? Not right! The Lakers are not reversed twice in Thunder?

Who is the best in the league! Everyone has a lot!


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