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Original title: a 1-2! Levan was forced to apologize in advance or touch the playoff C Luo, only 20% of the probability of promotion

World Cup final round, Lewandowski select holiday, the results of Poland 1-2 loss to Hungary, lost the playoff seedings qualifications, led to dissatisfaction with the fans and legend. Lewandowski felt compelled to apologize, and promised to make every effort in the play-offs, led efforts to reach the World Cup.

9 before Harding Park, Poland 6 wins, 2 negative 20 points, 6 points and 3 England goal difference behind the top. Considering England’s final round opponent is belly team San Marino, Poland probability overtake minimal. So Lewandowski select holiday, did not enter the lists against Hungary.

In the end, England 10-0 victory over San Marino, with a “massacre” lock the group, directly qualify for the World Cup, but the 1-2 loss to Poland, Hungary, the second ranked team.

The defeat, did not let Poland lost playoff seats, but lost the top seeds identity. Therefore, many Polish fans denounced selection of holiday Lewandowski, say he only Bayern, no Polish national team. Poland legend Boniek bluntly said that if he is still the President of the Polish Football Association, it will not let Levante holiday.

Since then, the Polish media also broke the news that the holiday is Lewandowski unilateral decision, nothing to do with coach Sosa,google news results but the Levante himself into the cusp. Lewandowski was forced to stand up and apologize, he said he would never refuse to play in Poland, will fight to the last minute for the World Cup.

Lewandowski said: “I know your body, know not to participate in two games in a row, the coach did not want to underestimate Andorra, so I played, so we discuss the decision, if this win, it will make other people come to the race in Hungary. “

At present, Europe has been born 10 places for the competition, Spain, France, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Croatia and Belgium to qualify to do so tyrannical, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Wales new update today fall into the playoff.

As a rule, 12 teams divided into 3 groups of 4 teams, decided by the remaining three places Cup semi-final and final form, means that there are nine teams to be eliminated, the competition system rather brutal. There are even fans ridicule, this is simply a small playoff European Cup.

UEFA confirmed that Portugal, Italy, Sweden and Wales have received top seeds qualified, will not meet in the first round of the play-offs. As Poland is a non-seeded teams, is likely to mean that the first round and teams will butt heads, Lewandowski and Bell is possible, even before Ibrahimovic C Zloty meet. What’s more, since national google news Poland is not seeded, they have to play on the road in the playoff of them, difficult to further improve.

Poland and Portugal on a duel dates back to the 2016 European Cup quarter-finals, the two sides 120 minutes played to a tie, the Portuguese penalty shootout pass, C Luo all the way to the finals and the final cup, Lewandowski is early go home.

There is no doubt, before Poland’s situation is quite grim, I want to get the World Cup qualification is not easy. We Global Football prediction based on probability Poland reached the World Cup was only 20.53% in the 12 playoff teams ranked second to last among only 3.Return to Sohu, see more


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