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Abimate, what is the prospect of Shenjing’s NBA?

After a wave of 15 games, the Rocket opened 3 consecutive victories, and the bulls and wasps have been overcome, it is worth blowing a wave! Some embarrassment is that Jaylin Green has been absent two games because of injuries, instead of Matthew Matthew’s two-way contract players in Jaylin, Brooz has been trustworthy by Salas, with more fire protection. Wood is also breaking his score record and a break of his rebound record, and also gets 20 + 20 large two pairs, and 40 million Mr. John Wall is also preparing to restart the game. It seems that everything rockets grow in the direction! But Shen Jing, with Wood’s more excellent performance, seems to have a decrease in the existence! Abimate, what is the prospect of Shenjing’s NBA?

At first, many people think that the highest-end limit of Shenjing’s draft is about Jiki. Have a better passing ability, with excellent internal technology, also has precise far. However, from the moment, Shen Jingda does not reach the height of Jochi, Jochi despite the birth of the two-round show, about Ketici has become a 3rd all-star player, becoming MVP. Yekich is averaged 26.5 + 13.5 + 6.5 in the spot, which is unrelated! As far as the current situation, Shen Jing did not have the ineffectiveness and the ability of the intimate inner line, the Rocket Coach, Sierra, has not been released, so that Shenjing let go!

Paul Gasol once got two championships together, which is already a 6th all-star player. Once the performance of 17 + 7 + 2.5 has been output for 12 consecutive season, the author feels that Shen Jing is also difficult to achieve! Even though the body reached 2 meters 16, Shen Jing was only 2 meters 08, but the author’s sense of sensory felt that the play of Gasol was better than the Shenjing, Gaocos had a better coordination!

Today’s Sabinis has already played, and it is already a two-session player. Even in this season, even if it is not good last season, there is also a performance of 17 + 12 + 4. The 25-year-old Little Sabinis will become a common visit to all-star, in the intra-line technology, in the footsteps, Shen Xi and Small Sabinis, but Shen Jing’s confrontation is still a gap with small Sais !

The Jazz Time is a rocket fans’ bitter, and the Aliku’s long-term power allows the Rockets that there is no way to prevent it, and the two consecutive years will be eliminated by Jazz! The O’Cou in the peak period can invest more than 44% of the three-pointer, NBA average level is also as high as 37.5%, which belongs to excellent categories! Like Shenjing, Oku is also a Turkish basketball player. It is worth mentioning that Oku is the first Turkish athlete who got the championship. It is also the first Turkish athlete who is selected.

In other words, NBA’s Turkish athletes are really many, and there are excellent athletes in Specus. Although the Tricklu career has not been selected, the ability of his peak period is worth recognized. 08-09 season Takguru played data from 19.5 + 5.5 + 5, that season, magic hit the total finals. Unfortunately, they 1-4 lost to the Lakers of Kobe Gasol. However, Special Ru’s organizational skills is worth recognized, and a 2 meter 09 big peak field can send 5 more assists, this is enough to explain! At that time, I once thought that Specus Gru was the most important role outside the peak Howard!

Wood is already a player who got 41 million Chinese contracts, now, the
treatment of rocket is quite good! I started the rocket, and the right power reached around 14 times; and Shen Jing as Wood’s substitute, the right is not 6 times. This season is a certain degree of decline this season, but Wood’s average data can also reach 17 + 12 + 2 levels, while ShenIn is only 8.5 + 4.5 + 2.5 levels, and Wood is a gap. Especially the neutral influence after the shuttle, and the single-played single, Wood is obviously the more efficient player.

Scola is the NBA player who likes the author, but as a dictionary of 2002, in 2007, only visit NBA, the author feels some night! In the Rocket, in the Yao Mai era, we saw the pace of Skola gorgeous. The peak field can output 18 + 8 + 2.5 data. If Skola is willing to go three points, I think Skola is more difficult. For now, the footsteps of Shenjing’s internal line and Scola have a small gap!

I don’t know why the heat is to give up Olnique, and I don’t know why Ilnick, who is 20 + 10 + 4 level, will be given up by the Rocket. The author thinks that he is the very easy-to-use player, defensive hard, three points are also accurate, the unpack and demolition is also good, it is the inner line that I like very much! But the career has not got too much ball, only 10 points, the author feels so unfortunately! From talents, Olnick is all-star potential!

Recently, Huosan’s situation can be said to be quite bad, and the Warriors 18 wins and 2 losses came to the first position of the first and alliances in the western part. Hu Shisman is in the injury, and the Warriors have a certain relationship with Huosman, and the team performance after the reimbursement of the season
of Wusman season, let Cole make Lunis’s first hair. Wordman didn’t know what to do, like a single, will not run, this and the Warriors’ system is not in, the author feels that the Warriors are also difficult to retain Huosman!

Galza in the NCAA period, he is a player of 24 + 9 + 2, with top offensive talents, but defensive ends, it is a thousand people! Come to NBA, only 4 + 2.5 + 0.5 data, Case Coach’s use can be said to be there. The team is more trust in Tutrtut and Lales, and there is an Olique in the list of injuries. The author thinks that there is not much opportunity to perform after Garza!

As a 15-year exploration, Okafu, who was seen as “Xiao Deng”, has no ball! There are many reasons why Okafor without a ball, the first, the bulb era does not need the online single player; second, Okafor’s physical quality is weak, the defense is too bad, the mobile capability is also too bad; Third, there is no three-degree ability. This also makes Okafor quickly faded NBA, which is awkward!

As Shen Jing, No. 16 show this year, the author thinks that the above players are the Shenjing template, from high to low! How do you think the prospect of ShenIn? The author feels that the probability is in Galza to Olique, which is about 1 star. On defensive ability, confroniency, he is not as good as Garbaba; the attack ability, he is not as good as Wood. The author thinks that there is no great development space in the rocket. He seems to be more suitable for the Warriors, the sun is very mature team!

Despite the physical ability, technical, Shenjing has a small short board. But in the player, Shen Jing really didn’t say! In the main game of the Rockets against Thunder, the little Kavenport data came to 11 + 9 + 11. If you get a rebound will be the first three pairs of the smallborite career. After the Thunder players were not in the middle, Shen Jing gave the rebound point to the backfinder, and greeted small ports, let the smallport reached three pairs. This kind of adult beauty is the manifestation of the high-quality business, I think that Owen is a distinct contrast to Lefali passed back to Lefu 34 points! The author thinks that with emotional business, perhaps allow Shen Jing to reach 2 stars, or even 2 stars and half!