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All ready to go! Saint Star runs to Kamala backward training

January 8 (Wen / ESPN Compile / Love) Although the last week of regular season is almost no desire for Saints, the star running guard Alvin-Kamara’s new crown nucleic acid test is positive but scared The team is cold sweating. In the last week, there is no running guard in the game, but if you don’t have a 10-day isolation, you will lose a lot of losses. However, it seems that the status of Kamara recovers seems good, he is waiting for the approval of the return.

Since Kamara is positive in Beijing time, he needs to spend 10 days of isolation period, and after the isolation period, it is just in Beijing time, that is, the Saint Sagar is home to the bear team. . If Kamara is everything in the subsequent nucleic acid detection, he is coming to play on the day of the game, but this means that he can’t participate in the team training whole week.

In order to solve this problem, the Saint opened the cerebral cave, let Kamara can take a distance to train. According to sources, there is a real-time video decoder in the Kamara family, you can watch the training, and you can hear the voice of the coach Shane-Pedon. And Pedton can guide Kamara to choose the route through tactical explanation, while Kamara can predict the tasks you have to complete in your heart. It is important that he will not miss the team’s match plan for your team.

When the question and Camara can come and participate in the game of the Bear team, the coach Pelton said “let us wait”.

This season, Kamara is undoubtedly a player who contributes the Saint Offense, and the squad 932 yards, there is also a ball to advance the 756 yards, and the number of push the number of the number will lead the whole team at both ends. . Just a week before he infected the new crown stop, he just completed the single-winning game of the historical record of the historical record in the game, showing very eye-catching.

Saints Other Runa David Larvis – Murray, Dwick – Washington and Tiantai Michael Burton lack the close contacts of Kamara missed the 17th week, this week they have lifted observation and activated to large List. In addition, the team star took over Michael Thomas also resumes training on Wednesday. This season is only cooperated with 10 games. Trident, Bris, Kamara and Thomas will be on the playoffs. Home!

At present, the saints have been ready to go, and many people in the final team said that this season does not won the super bowl is failed, and now they can go full speed to their highest goal.