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  • Also 3 games! Boom 14 + 10 Bring the team to get 15 consecutive victories, this season, they still have strength to fight

Also 3 games! Boom 14 + 10 Bring the team to get 15 consecutive victories, this season, they still have strength to fight

On November 27, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, and the sun against the Nicks was officially launched. Recently, the sun can be said to be morale, giving people a feeling of “people who blocked people, Buddha blocking Buddha.” To this end, after the game starts, the sun is an offensive, or the defensive end is excellent. The first battle, the sun leads 5 points. The second day, the sun leads 13 points. Even if you enter the second half, the sun still maintains an efficient offensive state, and finally the fourth battle will overcome the Nicks in 118-97.

Objectively speaking, the cause of the Nickskis of this game is very simple, that is, Knicks’s starting players did not play their normal level. Walker was played 23 minutes, 11 voted 5, got
17 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists. Fu Kiye was played 25 minutes, 15 shots 4, got 11 points, 5 rebounds. Barret was 31 minutes, 10 shots 3, got 10 points, 3 rebounds. Landal was 31 minutes, 8 shots 3, got 9 points, 6 rebounds. Robinson was bought 21 minutes, 4 shots 3, got 7 points, 8 rebounds. There is no doubt that Knicks starting this performance will be very difficult to win.

Ok, let’s talk about the sun again, let’s talk about the sun. Introduction, the biggest meal of the winning of the sun this game is undoubtedly Buck. The whole game Buck was 35 minutes, 27 shots 14, three of the ball 9 in 4, got 32 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists, 1 steals, 1 cap data. On the court, Bick is a super-scored role, and the whole game will come to us to show us a variety of offensive means, so that we know what is offensive. However, in addition to the exception of Bak, there is another player’s performance in the sun. This player is the sun leader player Paul.

The game was played for 30 minutes, 6 shots 3, of which three points were 1 in 1, and the ball was 9 in 7, got 14 points, 4 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 steals data, positive negative value +7. I believe that the fans who have read the data will be asked, Paul’s score is not Bark, the rebound is not Eatono, steals without Claude, why is Paul play a good player in this game? In fact, this problem is very simple, that is, Paul’s role is that data cannot be reflected. Attacking, Paul is the tactical engine of the sun. Briro is on the court to put all the efforts all in the offensive end. Do not need to consider other things. Paul’s outer line of the sun can only take a running position, because they know that when I ran out, Paul can pass the ball to their first stop. Paul’s appearance is only necessary to stay in the basket, as long as the location Paul can make Enton to get the ball in the most comfortable position.

Of course, in addition to combing attack, Paul is a key ball master. Once the team offensive can’t open the situation, Paul’s middle distance shooting will be very stable. Also, as long as the sun leads to the last 5 minutes, Paul can control the rhythm of the game in his own hands, and when Paul can steady the ball in 24 seconds. In summary, Paul is the “main bone” of the sun, as long as he is present on the sun, it will not be chaotic, as long as he is present on the sun’s momentum is full of fighting.

After winning this game, the sun has achieved a wave of 15 consecutive victories. It is still 2 games from the history of the team. That is to say, the sun broke through three games. I don’t know, how do you evaluate the sun this season? Anyway, I have only one evaluation of the sun this season, that is, this season’s sun in Paul’s leadership they still have the strength to impact the championship, and they are in the final season, they are not coincidental but the embodiment.