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Also calm! Alabec broker lion big opening, 20 million quote far exceeding the bottom line

Bayern once gave a left side guard, and today’s middle and defend Allaba is carrying out the negotiation with the team. He will expire with Bayern’s contract 2021 in summer, when he will be 29 years old. Alaba joined the Bayern first-line team at 18 years old, and following the team’s three seasons of 2013 and 2020, one of the most excellent prior dealers in the history of the team.

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However, in the previous European super cup, Alba’s performance is not satisfactory, 5.9 points after the game is the minimum division of the audience, not only directly related to Allab, is it is his news tonight foul. Seville sent a penalty, Allaba has several mistakes to funeral. Of course, this is not adequately related to Allaba to the middle road, or it may be affected by the age of the year. At present, 28-year-old Araba is no longer in its own peak level.

Of course, Allaba is still an indispensable member. Although Bayern is in the left there is Afenso Davis and Lucas Ernande, Middle Road has gratuit, Boateng and The teenagers (Lucas can also play the middle), but the people in these two positions are not deep, and the number of team players in Bayern is less, so the high-rise of Bayern is more likely to be easily removed. Araba.

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This is why Araba can’t get a top performance, his broker still dares to open the lion, to the huge annual salary of the Bayern’s 20 million euros. According to Athletic, Bayern provides the treatment of Araba is about 200,000 pounds, while Alaba’s demand is close to 400,000, the premium rate is as high as 38%, which is obviously the high-level high-level high-level.

In the case of Harvey Martinez, Bayern either wants to leave Araba, or quickly look for new aids on the line of defense, this is the urgentity of the coach Frick, otherwise the google headlines new season’s Bayern The defense line crafting is arranging, and it will be difficult to defend the multi-line champion will be difficult!

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