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Barcelona 1 to 2, Allaba Facing the Best Player of Derby

Barcelona 1 to 2, Allaba Facing the Best Player of Derby

The 10th round of Spain staged a national virtue battle, Barcelona’s Real Madrid who came home on home. Barcelona’s first front field, Dest, Fatgadpe, three news update today people in the middle of the field, Barskz, teenage plus, and Delong, the backfinder Garcia and Picker partners. On this side of Real Madrid, Rodrigogo, Vicnius, Ben Zema, three leader, midfield iron triangle Cascethamo, Cross, Modriqi, Militang and Araba are the first Zhongwei combination. Allaba opened a record in the 31st minute of the game, which is also the first goal since the Austrian family joining the team.

Real Madrid’s career appeared in such a key game, it can be said that it is very meaningful. Real Madrid of the Half Family War 1 is 1-0, and the next half of the Basque is helpless the team to lock the victory. Barcelona was a ball that was scored in front of the face before the final field, government news channel in india and finally Barcelona lost to Real Madrid at home, lost this national Derby Battle. For Barcelona, ??Aguiro, although I also won the best of Barcelona, ??but there is no need to save the defeat. After the game, I won the title of the best player of the two teams of the audience to the first record of Real Madrid. Allaba has no choice and Bayern, and free to join the team to join Real Madrid.

This bureau is Arabab’s first attendee national Derby. The first participation has taken the goal, which has become one of the heroes of Real Madrid, and has to say this Austrian high-war attribute. The more key game, the more excellent performance. In addition to implying a tax, Alaba plays a good fault in the breaking new today defensive end. With Barcelona, ??Alba’s two ends have paid sincerely and shine. Before the game, Araba sent two assists, but fails to get the ball, now this Austrian state is also the best of the Real Madrid. Today, Tiemos and Vara have passed the team, and Real Madrid of defender is only reinforced by Allaba.

Today, given the player’s outstanding performance, it is proved that Real Madrid has completed a value-for-money transaction. Introducing Allaba does not need to spend a penny transfer fee, many people think that it is not worth it to give Alba’s high salary. Nowadays, Alba’s performance indicates that it is completely equipped with high salary, and the transaction of Real Madrid is correct, it is completely Araba is also the current defense line of Real Madrid, what is the current news which was in Bayern, and this Austrian state has got a lot of championships. Nowadays, I came to the Liba Stadium, the team of the team, Huang Madrid, Allabao hopes to launch two major goals to the League and the Champions League.This and Barcelona’s national Derby War, the first Araba went into a goal and became a great hero of the winning of Real Madrid.

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