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  • Blocking social platform can not live in front of the screaming of Baibai, the old man giant "is like a cage"

Blocking social platform can not live in front of the screaming of Baibai, the old man giant "is like a cage"

Cleveland Brown takes over Little Audel Beckham decided to keep silent in social platforms to prepare for the upcoming new season. But in the UK London, he participated in the opening ceremony of the training camp of the NFL-related departments, or showed a very talkplace.

Received the interview with Complex magazine recently, he gave his own suggestions for the ideal rugby players, and talked about the background of the former football players to their own influence, etc. Of course, Beckham also said that from the New York giant to Brown to his own change. He believes that it will be the most expecting player to be the most expecting, and brown will make him on the court. Performance is even better.

“I just feel that I have been in the giant team, like being trapped in a bage.” Beckham said: “I think that in that place, I can’t fully fulfill my talent, spiritual, physical, my mind is like this. But now I feel that I can do myself in the new environment, try different ways, this will help my football career. I am very happy to continue playing, don’t have to deal with the troubles and political issues brought by the original role. “

After opening the ability of Elays Manning in the 2018 season, Beibei was traded in New York in March this year. In less than a year, he just signed a 5-year contract worth $ 98.5 million with a giant. This interview with Complex magazine, Xiaobei also made the cultural praise of Cleveland Brown and expressed the excitement of Javis Randri with the former LSU teammates and the same hand.

“Their players are great, I have a photo with the new teammates.” Beckhaw said: “Jaweis is my brother, we dream of thinking again, so this is really crazy. People who can enter NFL from the university To 1%, it is undoubtedly a dream with my brother to play with my brother. “

Beckham is preparing for his sixth season, just a few days ago, he also said in Instagram to temporarily block his social platform, and the whole body is in the training until July 1. But Beckham does not use social platform, you can also set off a wind wave on the Internet. Beckham said that he didn’t want to deal with “trouble”. Many people think that the “trouble” in his mouth is self-sufficient, such as this time, Beibei’s interview will put himself on the wind. .

With Beckham, Landri, Si Baikheck – Merfield, Run Nik – Chase and Carim Hunter Qiakelfland, Brown may be about to build a powerful offensive force. Beckhand can completely release yourself, it takes time to prove.