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BOBSPORTS: Santo is fired after Antonio Kangt is the most popular, defending champion

Santo took only 17 games during the rule of Tottenham Hottest, and the power institutions in Northern London decided to develop in different directions within four months of the new season.

The Portuguese tactist was defeated Manchester City in Manchester City in the first game of the Premier League, but the victory of the defending champion has been proven to be a flower, and the results of the game after india china war latest news in tamil August were deceived. About Saint Espito will face a rumor that will become very common after 3 to 0 last weekend, and the guess in Monday has become a reality, the club confirms the news he was fired.

Now, who will replace Espito Santo enters the popular position of the Spurs, before International Milan, Chelsea and Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Antonio Conte – this betting company is the most favorite Players – will usher in a shocking Premier League but who is in the campaign?

Antonio Kangt is a continuous winner, a medal flying tactist, he almost guaranteed success, no matter where he went. If the Spurs really wants to return to their calm era, under the leadership of Morrisio Pochinino, make sure Harry Kane restores his best in the goal and exciting fans, then appoints A African continent is the most coveted coach will have a long sachin patel ringtone way to achieve this goal. After leaving the kumi, Kong Dai still did not work. He helped the team to capture the Italian champion from Juventus, who won the championship from all year round. He will be a thermal thorn absolutely change, but he needs funds and a lot of support to realize his dream. Does Daniel Levi will swallow the Italians write a blank check?

Has anyone feel like I have met? Everyone said that the spurs wanted Paul Feng Sika to come to the north of London, but for some reason, Mourinho’s predecessor Roman players did not exchange positions with Portuguese. Now returning to the central location of Levi, Feng Sika has recently gained with Newcastle vacancies, and puts forward a charming proposal for Tottenham’s position. In a revelation of the Donetsk miner, Feng Sika can’t replicate this success in the eternal city, but breaking news today he is still a progressive, there is a technical bureaucracy of forward thinking, if time allows, he can change Totna Mi Destiny.