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Brazil seizes the Americas Cup: This is the victory of European football, but it is the loss of South American football.

nogometni dresovi IntroductionWith the excellent play of ITs and Everton, the host Brazilian team finally took the Americas Cup champion trophy in front of his motherland. This is the Brazilian football once again seized a weight-winning champion trophy after 2012, which is also a Brazilian adult team once again in the Americas after winning the championship in 2007. For this day, Brazil’s football has been waiting for 12 years. However, after cheering, we will find that this American Cup is actually the victory of European tactical football, but not the victory of South American football. It can even be said that South America’s passionate football has been unsubstably completely eliminated in today’s world football.

First, the main attack group is basically the elderly, and the technical tactics are mainly practical.

In the big list of this Brazilian national team, the number of local nationals is further compressed. The Hertus, Phikino, Kicketon is the main team of the European Champion League, only one Everton in the attack group comes from the Gremo team. The two major cores on the latter defense, the door will be Alicon, and the defender Arvis is the goalkeeper of the Champions League championship, and the other is the main side guards of the front Champions League champion team Barcelona. From tactics, the overall tactics of the Brazilian team is based on rigorous tactical discipline and simple and simple, similar to the fancy breakthrough in Lao Luo is less common.

Second, Argentina eliminated Chile, Messi + Aguero combination crown

In addition to the Brazilian team to win the championship, in the quarterly battle, Messi and Aguo’s excellent play to help the Argentina won a bronze medal. In the contest, Aguiro showed the performance of the rule on the front line. Although Messi did not play, every time I passed a big trouble for the Chile team. Argentina broke the deadlock, Messi first staged a breakthrough of 1 to 3, followed by the sudden free kick to find Aguoo Assistant to help the goal. In this goal, Messi’s breakthrough, the key to the key, only Aguiro will always intend to intent. It can be seen that European football thinking has been crushed throughout the Americas at the tactical level.

Third, the American football in recent years is the fact that the Brazilian team walks correctly.

The American Cup and the previous World Cup, even the women’s football World Cup of this year proved that European speech disciplines in Europe is the key to improving team fighting power. Since Deng Jia Times, the Brazil has begun to take Europe’s tactical football route. Although the passion of the past, the entire tactics also make people feel some turtles, machinery, but from the performance of this American Cup, Brazilian team The direction of tactical reform is undoubtedly correct. This is also the practice of pain after the Brazilian team defending the World Cup championship. Can South American football eventually regain the glory of the past, depending on the firmness of the American football European chemical tactical reform. Brazil’s victory in this American Cup, in fact, European tactical football is a thorough victory for the American personal passion football.

From this perspective, the Brazilian team is probably the next World Cup cycle, the closer to billige fodbold toejthe World Cup champion, no one.

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