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Breddy Kaibi 8 consecutive victory end! Patriot 20-37 Neighborhood North Name Crow

Beijing time November 4 morning at 9:20, Baltimore Crow team met the New England Patriots team. The 5-winning crow team obviously wants to pull the horse behind the season after the start of the season. Although the patriot team as a defending champion is actually outstanding, the Patriots team is also simple in the last half of the season.

This Sunday night game is obviously the first time in this season facing the opponent that can be a war. The final crow has overcome the patriot team at 37:20, and also gives the patriot troops first defeated. After more than 2 months in the season, the only unbeaten team in the league has only 49 people left in San Francisco, and they will also play the Seattle Hawks in the Night Race next Monday.


The Patriot Team and the Crow team have worked 13 times in history, and the Patriot team occupied the advantage of 10 wins and 3.

Wonderful review

The crow team of the home battle took the lead in launching offensive, obviously the Patriot team’s double threat to the crow team, Saramar Jackson, made a homework, and strictly guard against his sports. However, there is a policy, there is a countermeasure, and the crow is also predicted that this situation will happen, so Lamar Jackson passes a few times of passing the close-end Feng Haiden – Hester’s large number of passed numbers, eventually After 6 minutes in the first quarter, Raar Jackson took the ball to the patriots team, got up to 7: 0.

Subsequently, the crow was 2 minutes before the end of the first quarter, by the player Justine – Takar hits, 39 yards, continued to expand the lead, 10:0. Subsequently, the strong induction of the crow team is running to Guard (small) Mark Engharh, in the second quarter, the breakthrough is defensive, and runs out of 53 yards in the number of 53 yards, directly came to the Patriots Team. In the red area.

Another running guard of the crow – Edwards took the ball to ran into the patriot team, helping the crow again to get up again, 17:0. Although the Patriot team is getting weak after the start of the game, their defensive groups are the first season.

Seeing the offensive group and unable to achieve the advancement, the defensive group and the special service group began to force, first, the special team came to the crow team back to attack the ball. The Patriot team directly started from the red zone of the crow. This patriot team grabbed the opportunity, and the quarter-points Tom Braddy started 3 minutes since the second quarter, the short passed the external hand from the Falcon trading to Sanu, 17: 7 .

The defensive group also created the crow team to run the tall mock – England, the Patriot team kicked 2 22 yards and 19 yards in the end of the half, recovered 6 points, 17: 13.

After returning half, the Patriot team first attack. However, this four-point Wei Tham-Breddy passed his number outside his number, Julian – Erman’s pass has made a mistake, and then takes off the ball after Erman. The crow is squatting the ball and returned to the ball after picking up the ball. After 3 minutes of the second half, the crow will be extended, 24:13.

The patriot team offensive group finally retrieved, running to James White several times to rush out of the number, and 8 minutes left in the third quarter, run into the crow team, complete the Dalun, Also chasing points 4 points, 24: 20.

But then the crow is completely controlled by the rest of the game, first quasi-Sarah Jackson is short to pass the neighborhood, Boyer, but the crow players Failure to play into addition, 30:20.

The seasons from the Haiying team joined the crow team’s safety Wei Yer-Thomas’s long biography of Tom Braddy. The crow will make persistent efforts, 3 minutes before the end of the game, Ramar Jackson once again ran into the paragraph of the Patriot team, completely killed the game, 37: 20, this score also maintained the end of the game.

Player data

Patriot team quartz Tom-Braddi 46 passed in 30, 285 yards, 1 time, 1 time being copied. Run James – White sports ball, 38 yards, 1 time. Extraction Julian – Edelman 10 times, 89 yards.

The crow quad quartz walmar – Jackson 23 passed 17, 163 yards, 1 time to reach. Run Marke – Engram 15th running ball, 115 yards. External hand, Maquis-Brown 3, 48 yards.