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Bundesliga: Wolfsburg VS Dortmund, Dortmund hot pursuit champion Bayern key

Bundesliga: Wolfsburg VS Dortmund,The key hot pursuit champion Borussia Dortmund Bayern

Beijing time on November 27, 2021 22: 30,2021-2022 season Bundesliga 13 a focus of the game broke out!

This game is the 2nd Tortunding of the Tall League in Wolfsburg in Wolfsburg. The main team Wolfsburg is in the German League, only ranked 6th, met a setback, english news paper today and the other team passed 10 rounds and Dott, and Dott, Dot, Dot, is the absolute suffering of Wolf. Although the visiting Dortmund Harland missing injured, it may not be able to return this year, but only 1 point from Bayern, high morale! So, what can defend home to Wolfsburg honor, let us analyze one by one now!

[Two teams currently]


Wolfsburg got an unusual Champions League qualification last season, the new season in order to prepare the two-line operation, the team replaced the main coach, Koffte, but the current effect is general . New season Wolfsburg 6 wins and 2 flat 4 losses, accumulating 16 points Rank League 7, there is still a small increase in space.

From the scene, Wolfsburg’s tactics have changed. In the past, the main system of counterattack is now more emphasis. At present, the average control of Wolfao Fund is much higher than the 51% of last seasons, and the new season and each The team playing the different levels of the team has also handed over, this figure is more representative. In terms of lineup, the leader of the original Yunda Bremen seems to be 30 years old.Muhammadi more appearance time, this Swiss striker will compete with Viggost and Empai to compete.

However, the play of Wolfsburg transfers is more afraid of counterattack, Dortmund’s counterattack is very sharp, and it needs to be defense! Wolfsburg is currently three consecutive rounds, and there is poor state!


Dortmund is coming in Bayern Munich’s most threatened opponent. At present, Dortmund is 9 wins and 0 flat 3 losses in the Bundesliga League stand. The 27-point rankings are 2nd, and only 1 point difference from Bayern, the team riveted I am eager to turn over, I will win the champion of this season! However, Dora Mund’s largest star Halland is currently not optimistic, it is very likely that this year is unable to play, and it is a huge loss for allahabad university newsDortmund.!

Although Harland is lacking, the team is currently close to the Salzburg Red Bull Term Adymy, his performance is worth looking forward to. However, Dortmund lost to Portuguese sports in the Champions League, Directly missed the team, the team is very low!

This organizer gives the concession of Dortmund-0.25 ball. First, from the overall strength, Dortmund is obvious, and Doting Dot also has an overwhelming advantage from the history of hand!

Prediction: Dortmund defeated Wolfsburg.

Trip gate recommendation:Dortmund –0 /0.5 ball

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