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C Luo does not have a World Cup? I really have this possible

  □ Chutian City reported news reporter Deng Pengwei

  The “Magic Curse” that once in the national football team came to C, and they were killed by Serbia at the last moment, and experienced “black one minute.”

  After the end of the game, the Portugueseth captain sat in the ground for a long time, this is too blown: it can be went out, but the result is the last moment. Angry, not sweet … All kinds of negative emotions are written on the face of C Luo, and we also know from the coach Santos’s mouth, C Luo is still awkward for the goal of the previous round, because if the previous round If the goal is not blown, entering Qatar should be Portugal instead of Serbia. But there is no if there is no football field, this is cruel.

  Why is C Luo so “fire”? Because he knows that the additional match is not good, it is not good, and the desire to kick the World Cup in a row is the paper.

  According to the rules of the European region of the World Cup qualifiers, 10 groups of direct advanced levels, 10 groups of the second and 2 winning teams from Europe will be surcharged. That is to say, there are 12 teams competition 3 tickets for the world’s cup, and the level of fensure can be imagined.

  Previously, Portugal had participated in the World Cup European provinces 2 times, all passed the success of the World Cup, which is called “King of the Appet”. But this time, the difficulty is undoubtedly more than the top twice.

  To know, it is not a “Soft Mat Mat” in the addition to the addition, the current Swedish, Scotland, Russia, and North Maqiaon will participate in the surcharge; the European Cup champion Italy and the European Cup of the United Nahawa Switzerland will also participate in the surcharge. A traditional strong brigade, a branch of the Netherlands, Turkey and Norway will participate in the addition; Bayern superstar Levan led Poland, but also to participate in the surcharge.

  From Liverpool shirt the team participating in the team, we are not difficult to find, although in strength, Portugal may have some good advantages, but the addition is a game that cannot be lost, and the global means.

  No wonder C Luo is so anxious.

  Portugal and C Luo are unwell, after the group situation, all experts believe that Portugal’s “booking” has been directly advanced, see which teams, Serbia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Chelsea trojor Azerbaijan, except Serbia Outside a little bit, others are “vegetables”, falling to the game, can only say that they are “making”.

  Participate in the World Cup five times? The famous player in the history of football is German Master Master, C Luo Zheng is working hard in this direction, but it is not good, this time his efforts will be in a white fee.

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