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C Ro Roai is again as ""? The figure of the girlfriend is really not "cover"!

Recently, C Luo shared a good news on each platform.

Selfish “Luo” opens the second degree, and again!

The official Xuan Xuan girlfriend Georga has already pregnant with the good news of twins.

This news quickly boarded a hot list 24 day 7 of major platforms,

C Luo is also a communication point: “Very high can share this good news with you.

We can’t wait to meet with aajtak news today hindi twin babies! ”

Then I took my own intimate photo with my girlfriend Georga.

The two lying in bed, holding the B super picture after pregnancy test,

It can be seen that C Luo knows that the news is very happy!

At the same time, I also took out the photo of the four baby rewise in the home,

Many netizens said: “The president must have seven!”

“For 20 years later, the start of Portugal: Ronaldo, Ronaldo,

Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo! ”

“Manchester United: I have a football team, I will give you a first set!”

Of course, some people say his girlfriend Georga,

“With him for so many years, there are so many children, the result is a girlfriend,

Is this aim of Wu Peici Portugal? ! ! ”

Hahahahaha, I have to say that this netizen is really too talented.

In fact, the C Ronald, and the girlfriend, Georga, will be entertainment news india tv married.

No one is, the baby is born? !

Ok, let’s go back to the topic.

Why can the Flower Son C Ro Ro?

What is Georga?

In fact, after the fine, the type of male will find Georga is not “silly and sweet”.

Georga is named Georga Rodrigs, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1994.

His father Haolcher Edward, Rodrigs, is Argentine, who was a football player.


Fitness, good mall! Applets

Georga grows up in Hakka, Northeast, Spain,

Since her four years old, I started learning classical and modern ballet,

The superb dance makes her a dancer in Joven Ballet Del Pirineo.

Georga, graduated, became a flat model,

In 2016, C Luo participated in Dolce & Gabanna’s fashion show performance,

Georga is just part-time shopping guide in VIP district,

C Luo defeated the girl with a good thing in front of him at first sight.

Although lokmat ad rates they are very fast, they are together, but Joana has not given up their career.

She said: “Although he has enough ability to raise me, I love my career more.”

So she took the children’s “back”, while launching a dedication, photographing their ad.

If you are idle, you will go to fitness to enrich your body.

And so beautiful and beautiful, and kindly, she captured the heart of C Ro, and the hearts of children.

Even C Ro also said Georga really helped himself.

“We will marry in the future, this is certain, my mother is also looking forward to that day.”

Looking forward to C Luo news ~