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Carl revealed that the raids will win the secret of "Grude teach me more pass"

In November, the Las Vegas raid is gray, until yesterday’s Thanksgiving Wars, they did not win a game.

This is the largest pressure of pressure. On the occasion of this danger, Carl thought that the former coach Joe-Grunette, “Never give up the ball”, it is this sentence to help Carl go out of the predicament, the scene will win the cowboy, lead the raid to end the three losses .

In the entire game, Karl 39 passed, I won 373 yards. This is that he has since the third week, and it is necessary to know that the raid will be 3 wins 0. Carl also said that the rapid entry status is also the key. He found the exterior Texhen Jackson, completed a 56-yard connection.

“The 7-0 opening of the opening makes me very peaceful, but the score of the whole is always very close, I can’t breathe, the game is very exciting.”

At the same time, Carl also has a shocked performance, accumulating twice to run 22 yards, Hawaiian Mario Tag is also celebrating with him. “I will give yourself a nickname when I train yourself, ‘Kariota’ (Carriota), Carl said he is good to have the relationship with Mario Tower.

The proxy of the raid, the head of the coach – Pisaka is also added to Carl, “This is the real Carl”.

In the last month, the raid venue is constantly moving, first, there is a coach Groad to be dug a ten-year discrimination speech, then resign, and then there is another way to take over Henry – Lags III drunk driving, leading to the ball The team has great discount in terms of war. In order to supplement the ball, the raid person signed the old will Jackson, did not expect that he can really hang in the second spring in Las Vegas.

“According to Grunette, this year’s game, especially Rags, I will go as much as possible. Maybe this will lead to my pass success rate is not very good, but can win, I It is also ignored these things. “