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CCTV5 live! Japanese media exposed Japan’s first: 8 people travel Europe, Japanese fans: I hope the Chinese team will win

The national football team has been touched. This game is the key game of the World Preliminaries. Before the game, Japanese Media “Yahoo Sport” predicts the starting lineup of the game, the opponent will discharge a 451 formation, 11 of them The first, 8 players are effective European league, Japan Messi will return to the first, such an appearance lineup will roll the national football in strength. CCTV CCTV5 Sports Channel will broadcast this world, the competition will be staged at 23:00 on September 7. When the national football can rebound, it will be seen!

The first round of preliminaries, the national football and the Japanese team have suffered a loss, of which Li Tie’s national score is lost to the Australian male football, and the Japanese team is a total of 0-1. . Both teams were unveiled in the opening doordarshan national live of the door, and the stress of the two sides was very large. The media “Yahoo Sport” pointed out that the Chinese team, this is a game that cannot be lost, the goal is to get 3 points.

At present, the pressure of the Japanese team coach is very pressure, before the game, Japanese media revealed that if the Japanese men’s football, then Senbao will take a lesson. From the Japanese fans, a large part of the fans have reached a top degree for Japanese coach, and they hope that the Japanese team will come to coach immediately.

A Japanese fans in the game wrote in the message board of Yahoo Sports. Handsome, “I look forward to the Chinese team to win, then, Senware should be glow.” Another fans wrote, “Japan’s football is more powerful, but it is also lost to the Chinese team.”

The Japanese media gave the first prediction of the irctc next generation reservation Japanese team, the door will be the maintenance of ndtv today power, and on the line of defense, the long friends will still play, and the Fu’an Jianyang, just joined Arsenal will also appear, and another Zhongwei is Yosa. And the room is also debut. Japan Messi Jiuji Health Britain will get trust, he will usher in the first hair. But Muyasaki, who doesn’t like many Japanese fans will still be one of the first 11 people, and the forward position is great.

The Japanese team’s first 11 people, except for the Tuna repair, the longevity, all the other 8 people are European league players, which can be seen that the strength of the opponent is crushing the national football.

Attached Japanese team predicts starting:

Door: Wei Tian repair one

Begging: Girlfriend, Fu Anjian, Yosaica, Room Building

Middle Field: Yu Zaixi, Qiqi Yue, today news samachar Longjiu Ying, Guqiao Heng Yu, Tang’an


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