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Champion! Champion! Guogo and Lao Zhan love him! NBA’s first person

On November 24, Beijing time, before the NBA players, the “Dance” Dance Competition of “Dance Dance”! In this way, the percentage became the first NBA player who won the championship in the event! Let’s take a video first,
enjoy the dance of the percentage!

In fact, before the percentage, there is no NBA player to enter the finals of “Dance and Star”. It is not exaggerated that incense is the best in NBA. Guogo is in the social media for Xiangbotra, and now he won the championship, Anthony and James will send a congratulatory message in the first time. From this, you can also see the human edge of the percentage.

When I went to the finals, James also wished. After the Xiangbao won the championship, Lao Zhan wrote: “Congratulations on the brothers, it is really hot.” “Dance with the Star” is a dance competition really show, before Jia Bal and Fisher and other NBA players participated The event is not good.

In last week’s game, Xiangpot designed a James’s celebration action, respectfully volunteered to a teammate.

Born on June 26, 1990, was only 31 years old this year, and the positive value is called. However, NBA is too cruel, and the incense has been playing since March this year, so it is good to find something good at himself in another venue. There is even a fans who ridicule him: Xiangburt is called the dance king that is delayed by NBA.

On February 27, 202, Net officer Xuanhe Rober, and Xiangbao signed 10 days short. In the 2020-21 season, Xiangbot is a two-game competition in the Net, and only 1 point 0.5 rebounds. The state of the perfromter is now unable to adapt to NBA. After the contract expires, the Net did not follow the Robertson and the shampoo, and they fade out NBA.

In the 2019-20 season, Xiangbot has played 13 games for the Net, and the average of 4.2 points 2.6 rebounds 1 assists, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is only 24.2%. On December
13, 2019, the Nets cut it, and then up to more than a year, and the incense has always been playing. Until in February this year, he signed a contract with the Nets, but the status is no longer.

The entire NBA career, with a total of 461 regular sessions, average 7.2 points, 3.4 rebound 1.8 Assistance 1.1 steals. The shot hit rate is 39.1%, and the three-point hit rate is 33.7%. In 2011, the NBA draft selection, Xiangbot was selected by Knicks 17th in the first round, here he met his career first big brother – Anthony!

A lot of fans called JR and Xiangbot were a knife guard. In fact, he both started to fight with Guago early in New York. The 2012-13 season, Anthony, Xiaos, Xiangbot and JR led Nicks to entered the Eastern final, and the creation of the strongest performance in the history of the team. Before that year, the Xiangbo specialties were 9.3 points and 6 rebounds, and the three-pointer intermediate rate was as high as 42.9%.

In January 2015, Knick sent Shandong to the Knight, he ushered in the second leader in his great brother – James. In the 2014-15 season, Xiangbao special 9.1 points 4.9 plate 1.2 assistance 1.3 steals. In the summer of 2016, Xiangbot followed the knight to win the championship, which is the only champion in his career.

After a few years, people mentioned incending, except that he was the former NBA players, perhaps talking about his highlight of the dance competition.