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Champions League 32 is born! 2 seed teams are afraid of a spree, Mesh Barceli is not in advance

At the early morning of August 26, Beijing time, the 2021-22 season Champions League recreation launched the last three competitions. Sharif 0-0 is packed in Zagreb Dynamo, Donetsk Mine, Time 2-2, Ping Monaco, Salzburg Red Bull 2-1 defeated Burudby. In the end, the red cattle of Salzburg, Salzburg, Salzburg, Salzburg, Salzburg. At this point, the Champions League 32 has been born, and the team’s lottery ceremony will be carried out at 12 am Beijing time on the 27th.

The most suspected is the contest of Salzburg red cattle and Burudby. The former is the Champions League, the latter is the first time I entered the additional round. Two rounds, Salzburg red cattle successfully kill, total score 4-2 easily advance.

Sundir and Zagreb Dena Momo is the turn of the two teams above, but the results are completely different. The first round, Sharif was 3-0 wins the opponent, obtain the team history for the first time of the Champions League. This bureau, they fought away, hard-ease will be dragged into 0-0, and the history first advances into the Champions League.

The game of Donetsk miners and Monaco is thrilling. The first round, the miners will win 1-0. The second round, the first half, Ben Yeder is two degrees in 21 minutes, and the total score of Monaco is 2-1 leads. Seeing that it is necessary to stage a counterattack, the Ukrainian national feet is broken in the 73rd minute, pulling the big score into 2-2, and the game is dragged into the time. In the 114th minute, Aguilar autocides, the total score of the two rounds of miners, 3-2 completed reversal, got the last places.

At this point, the Champions League 32 has been born all in the Champions League, and the sub-files are also available at the same time. Lara has become the biggest winner, a total of 5 teams participate.

The first gear is also the seed team consisting of the League champion of the Champions League, the European Union Cup, and the top 6 League winners. They are the Chelsea, Villarre, Ma Jing, Manchester City, Bayern, International Milan, Lille and Portugal.

The second file can be described as a starlight, including the six Champions League champions of Real Madrid, Barcelon, Manchester United, Liverpool, Juventus and Dortmund, as well as Paris, who has just signed Messi, the weakest possibility is Western Jin Thaviya .

Chelsea troeje

The third team is Porto, Leipzig RB, Atlanta, Ajax, Donetsk miners, Benfica, Zennet and Salzburg red cattle.

The fourth team is Wolfsburg, Bezhikatas, Bruges, AC Milan, Bern, Kiev Darm, Malmo and Sheriff.

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Manchester United trojor

Due to the existence of the Red Black Legion and Wolf Fort in the fourth file, the chances of death have greatly improved, and there may be four super-pairs of Champions League. Of course, Messi, who is expected to be reopened from Noukam, has been staged in the group. Two seeds of Lille and Portuguese Sports are likely to be a gift package expected by the second team.

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