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[Chat deep] Is the football physical coach runs only?

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Of course, the fact that football physical coach executives can only be more than the main coach, what recovery ability, what is the latterness and even sleep quality, is in the “physical fitness” concept of modern football. This is still not finished, including personal analysis to each player, including how many games they play, how are data, physical condition, individual body Lionel messi Jersey energy, resolution, etc.: These are more important than simple running, but also more Easy to help players better play the status of the game – At the same time, those who have not kicked the game can not ignore, to ensure that they can always have the ability to play in the game, ready to arrange you for the main coach.

In the past few years, the concept of physical coaches has occurred in the sky, and the physical coach has become an indispensable position in the team coach group. I believe that in the next few decades, physical coaches will be more infinitely related to the team’s relationship. close.

Modern football has changed, so the demand for physical coaches will also change. Because in the past few years, this position has to accommodate a new football mode.

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For example, endless slopes, long run, weight, and no ball … This is similar to the current situation, which has become the basis of current physical coaches. In terms of core strength and endurance, it is more decided to have a player’s personal outstanding or not.

Physical coach is responsible for managing the body load of the team, which may involve many aspects. Not only do you have to learn about basic physiotherapy recovery.

It hasn’t existed through the race of “reserve physical energy” in the mountains and beaches. The training objectives before the season are mainly to prevent injury, guiding and adjusting the players to enter the upcoming new season.

The physical coach has now become the basic element of a complete coach group, not only before the season, but also plays an important role in the season.

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After all, these must be established on a very solid foundation: the human body.

It is critical to understanding students, anatomy, and biomechanics, and how the body’s response to certain stimuli and how to quickly recover after exercise.

Due to the problems brought about by football competitions, it is necessary to know, especially for physical stimuli that the game gives the players, the physical coach needs to arrange special training to compensate for the damage caused by these stimuli, and to ensure Players reduce injuries and immediately restore the efficiency of the field.

Once this is understood, it is necessary to understand strength and endurance, knowing it in football. The marathon team member is different from the football player, so it is necessary to understand the basic level of this force and its performance in football.

This is also the case, but also understand its basis and how to apply it to the team (such as what is the overall play of the team) and the needs of individual players.

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The last point is the understanding of the game. To understand the football from the tactical perspective, how it is training. The work of physical coach is the case, to adjust and manage your own tasks according to the requirements of the coach, but to do this, you must understand football.

Specifically to China, it is well known that the main concerns of fans and public opinions in the last century have been in the national team and league, and Chinese football leaves more than the lessons of failure, and has a successful experience of remembering more reference value. People even afraid that the Chinese team in the final round of the game, especially for a few minutes in the final stage … From then on, many people fell to the “physical fit” problem, which produced the derivative of this problem. Physical energy test.

25 years ago, we were too simple to think that physical fitness = running capabilities. Until 2004, domestic introduction of YOYO physical test, although this test is still a disease, but it has progressed compared with 12-point run (Kober test), 12-point ran more emphasized athlete’s constant speed for a long time, while YOYO focuses on the ability of the player, from the perspective of competitiveness, and the ability need to be on the field of the football player, because no matter what age, what is gender, what level of football training and competition, no player president Time uses a constant speed to participate in the ball or no noise linear run.

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It can be seen that the requirements for physical coaches are increasing, especially for the professional literacy of the Qing training-capable coach, a higher challenge, a physical coach is not a school education experience, more is re-re-emergence Learn the skills.

There are many factors affecting the physical fitness of adolescents, such as the game time, such as their training and rest time, the outbreaks will continue for a few years, as physical coaches, combined with reality, reasonable to develop training programs and diet recommendations for small players. Including reasonable sleep guidance, sleep syndrome is the most important.

In short, football physical coach is more like sports science in practice, and the role of modern football Liverpool Jerseyphysical coach has changed, it is no longer a traditional era. It is only responsible for preparation of physical energy improvement and league energy. Semondering these intuitively visual conventional operations before the game, gradually transition to the team training load monitoring, data analysis, and the behind-the-scenes arrangement of cycle training program.

I hope Tianjin can have a better football physical coach to make a different contribution to football. If you are interested in this area or have a more in-depth insights, welcome to the text.

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