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  • Congratulations! Test God returned to NBA, Rocket Wol and Running, Clay under the Development Alliance

Congratulations! Test God returned to NBA, Rocket Wol and Running, Clay under the Development Alliance

After the Milwaukei Stroke, the Milwaukee has successfully got a wave of 7 consecutive victories, returned to the fourth position in the eastern part, but this is not the true strength of the Buck. Dalupez is still unable to play. For the Bucks, the inner line has become a big problem, and a Pitz is clearly can’t solve. Although the letter brother can serve as the center, this is self-evident. . The Bucks understand that the team wants to go farther, it must reduce the consumption of the letter brother in the regular season.

As a result, the Milwaukee Stroke Selects a center player. This person is not someone else, it is a Demagus-Cuscus who left the NBA Alliance. As the first center of the past, Coss Sin was troubled, and once again, he made him a wandering of the league. In the Warriors, Lakers, Rockets, and the Boats wandering, they have never proved themselves. . Now he came to a championship, although it was just a non-guaranteed contract, but it was extremely precious for him.

Xiao Tobass sent a blessing in social media, congratulations to Cousins ??to return to NBA. At this moment, he must hopes that he can also receive such a contract, re-on the NBA stage, and demonstrate himself, it is there.

Cousins’ old Houston Rockets, completely embarked on the road, Wall is completely snowing by the team. Holding the second annual salary of the league, but don’t have to play a ball, I really don’t know that Wall should be happy, or it should be sad. However, Wal wants to return to the stadium, he and the rocket negotiated again, but the result is not satisfactory. Wall hopes to reappear, but the rocket is afraid of affecting his mortar plan, so gives a discounted approach, that is, let Walch will fight.

Wall did
suffer from injury, the state is not as good as before, but it is not polite, he is still the best player of this team, is a well-deserved man, you let such a player, Go to stand up, don’t respect people. In addition, other teams will look at Wolgon, which is not good for his next contract, and there is no one. So, Rockets and Wall, once again, Wall, choose to continue to sit on the cold bench.

For Wall, but for Clay-Thompson, all the teams of the team will not affect his future. According to the name of Shams: The Warriors have placed Clay-Thompson and Wesman to the Development Alliance Team St. Cruz Warriors. Klei Thompson is the warrior’s cornerstone, all star, champion defender, NBA history first 3D, but such a player has been put by the Warriors to the development alliance, no one can accept it, but for Clay There is no problem.

The relationship between Warriors and Clay has no need to prove anything, so go to the Development Alliance, but only to increase the opportunity of training, the faster return to the stadium. For example, the spurs of the year, Parker is coming out, not sent to the development alliance by Bobovi to find a state! Today’s Warriors, there is also the taste of the spurs, not only the strength level, but also the atmosphere of the team, and the original spurs is very similar. Have to say, wait until Clay-Thompson returns, this warrior may return to the stage of the finals. But Woseman has a backup, and Cole has a headache.