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Directly hit the "warm water boiled frog" to attack the beauty of the South China War extremely dull and bored

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 24, the Jacksonville American Tiger welcomed the challenge of Tennessee Titan in the home. After defeating the patriot last week, the Jigi hoped to use a victory to win the fourth time of their team’s fourth time. Unfortunately, it is willing to violate, in the case of the offensive end, the Jaguchi has experienced a prestige of the game with a very dull battle and lost to Titan with 6-9 without discloses anyone.

In this fourth largest city in Florida, the most famous city of Northeast Florida, the existence of the American tiger is not too good. The first is that the team has a long-term record, and also because the influence of the local market and the team owner Shahd Khan has always wanted the team to move the team to the Wemblestone court in London, the British London in the Atlantic, making the Jagua home. The last rate is located in the position of the league. The provisions of NFL promulgated in the early years of the “Standing in the home team, the local TV station will not broadcast the game” is because the existence of the Jiji, is the purpose of hope that it can stimulate the last rate. Encourage fans to go to see the ball. But when the US Tiger defeated the Patriots last week, the reporter believed that the main fans will continue to admission to the team’s highlights, so that the early morning from the place of 2 hours, but when the reporter After coming to the course, I found that TIAA Bank Stadium revealed a lot of vacancy, and has a huge contrast compared to the patriot last week. But the dead fans are still the same as in the past, come to the parking lot of the stadium early, and equip all kinds of tents, ovens and beers, meet the arrival of the game.

Before the game, the Jaguchi was in the game, it was 11-2 negative records, and the current head of the head of Morloni was in the first game of the United States in the 2016 season. of. Titan’s main four-point Swashi Taga did not start the first week of injury, and in the Americas, the team’s star run Wei Wolne also missed the second week of injury. However, the information obtained from the reporter found that the Jaguo’s overall offensive in the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the team’s overall attack is better, which also makes the outside world think that the Jihu can win the chase.

The first wave of Jaguchi’s first wave of junction has a good start to play in the pass game, and the Jasper Tiger also hopes to use a series of short biography to enter the rhythm. However, Titan’s defensive group apparently expects the Jaguji’s offensive program that makes the short pass attack of the American tiger cannot be smooth. Titan’s core line Weiwood Yard’s continuous hugs in the opening stage makes the Jenan Tiger were forced to kick.

Everyone in front of the game is paying attention to which one of Titan will use it. Because from the prematched warm-up, Mario Tag’s footsteps looks not too much problem, but in order to insure Titan finally chose Gaburt. Titan has a joint offensive front line ranked first, and in the first two weeks of competition, Titan only released 1 time, so that everyone expects this offensive front line to stand against the violent rushing of the United States tiger. Titan’s 2016, a round of Shi, Right Trip, Kangklin, which is still injured, but in the past two years, it has entered the beginning of the launch of the professional bowl in the career bowl. However, the Jaguar Defensive Team built by the heavy gold taught the power of Titan’s first wave of attacks, and directly used a wave of all-line raids in the 3-speed conversion.

Just as everyone thinks that the Jasper is ready to enter the state, it did not expect it to be a very dull game. After the Jenan Tiger returned to the ball, she still led the offense, but the outer handlers of the outer hand made Burtz annoyed. In addition, Titan’s old land will also have excellent rushing effects outside the outside, making the Jaguji once again abandoned the lineup. But in the 42-yard of this Jaguji half, the Jenan Tiger is unexpected to play Jet Sweep’s false kick before playing, but the Titan Titan Group that has been played in the past week is rapid. Before Grant’s false kick, Titan got a very good offensive start position before the first attack line.

However, Garbit has indirectly determines the game towards this game in the next attack. The quarter-saved four-point bath for the passage of 6 Dali 6-71.9 last season, first can’t find a full flee in the passing bag after the passage of the pass bag. Taylor, this passage level is only surprised by the number of reporters in the media. In the back of the back, Cashmert, Gaste, was made by the old man Tiger, and was protected by the casual tiger, but because of the additional defensive, Jackson’s hit Gabert. When the foul is first let Titan will return to life. But this hit directly enabled Garbert to accept the brain volatile test and Ma Ruio Tower also returned to the game. However, the return of Mario Tower has not allowed Titan’s attack. There is also a variety of outstanding hands in the case of herself passing, so that Titan can only get through the way. Lead. But although the offensive is so anxious, Titan is still the first to lead the United States tiger in the 2018 season.

After experiencing the performance of 116 yards last week, the second-grade external handle Cole is still a focus of Bortes. However, Titan polarized layout and Burtas did not try to take out the patriants like the patriot, so that the Jenan Tiger’s attack still did not improve.

In the sect of the two sides of the 7 waves at the end of the half, there were five times to abandon the death. Among them, the Jenan Tiger will divide the score in a free kick. Before the end of the half, Titan can bring 3 points into the locker room in a free kick, but the 48 yards of Suku have biased the door post, and the first half ended at 3-3. In the first half, the offensive group is a highlight of the Morio Tower, and the wonderful gorgeous journey of Titan’s running guards in several times. In addition, the defensive group of the two sides completely controlled the game. Rhythm. In addition, the ugly performance of the two sides is also one of the main reasons for the second half of the first half. The first half of the two sides took only 170 yards, and the offensive group of the first half did not even entered the Red District.

After the next half, Titan also tried to use more sportsballs and fake runs to pass the mobile capabilities through the Mario Tower. Titan opened the field in the second half and even put the wild cat array to let the running guard Henry directly pick up the ball. But like the intentions, Titan can only get 6-3 lead in the way, but this time they stepped into the Red District.

The home fans continue to cry, I hope that the Jagua attack group can retrieve the last week’s offensive status as soon as possible. And their quadruples also want to activate offense through some bullets and the slot of the Cole array along the size line. However, when the key three-speed conversion, Burts’s pass was hit by the defensive front line, helplessness once again abandoned. From the journalist’s racket, it can be seen that it is not difficult to find out that all 22 people of the two sides have not difficult to find that the Jenan’s offensive tactics and the first half are not changed. Because the score has not been opened so, there is no too much dispersion attack (spread offense) to make a pass, but only continue to have a variety of fast screen short transmission, which is excellent when the two is taken. The performance of the running guard Grant and Yelden try to use their flexible to get advanced after the ball. However, Titan’s line guards and security guards did not make mistakes in the patriotic defensive group last week, and excellent suppression makes the short pass tricks of the Jenan Tiger. The dullness of the competition also made a few reporters from Jacksonville even regarded the live broadcast of the PGA Golf Championships at the same time.

After entering the fourth quarter, the American Tiger continues the attack of “warm water frog”. In the fourth quarter, a total of 6-6 of the score is collapsed, and the Jagua has a total of 9 scattered guns, and even the Boharon, which is also involved in the pass game. But the offensive group has never really entered the state.

To say the only offense with highlights, it should also be the attack of Titan in the fourth quarter. Titan’s offensive group coach Lofler took the ability of Mario Tower in the latter, and the advantages of Henry and Lewis’s two styles of running guards, using various inner mounds and false trips. The war burned to the 10-yard line of the American tiger, and finally Suku has a steady hit this simple 28 yard, giving Titan’s leading 9-6.

If Burtas and the entire offensive group can continue to last week, then in the remaining 4 minutes and 05 seconds, it is enough to kill the red district to take the killing or shoot a random score. However, at the critical moment, Titan’s outer rush to Burtz created great pressure, which also made the Jaguji to abandon the kick in embarrassment of only 2 minutes and 42 seconds, and the hope of winning will become more than time. The less small. When only 19 seconds left in the audience, the Jaguji took back the ball offensive expectations. The first additional hand Mondick broke the ball after the ball and Visbrook and Yelden continuously staged horizontal cooperation (Hook and Lateral) Try to bring the ball into the free kick. The first time they made, but in the final offensive group, with Monkrev’s cross-pass did not find teammates to become the ball was protected by Titan’s wire Guarak wave protection to the end of the competition. Titan won the dull ball war at 9-6 away.

Next, the American tiger will usher in the home of New York jet. In the interview after the championship, several defensive group star players also expressed their hopes that the team can rebound and respond. However, considering that the jet has improved this season’s defense. Can the head coach Malli can change the bad performance of this game offensive group back to the height of the patriot, this is the most concerned about the outside world. problem. The American Tiger has a joint defensive group, which also decided to have a high lower limit. But if you want to win, the playback team will be their X factor.


The old defensive end of Campbell has contributed 2 kills, while at this all-star level defensive front line, the Titan’s sphere on the short code distance was continuously effective in the early stage. However, the offensive group preparation has caused the chemical response to suddenly disappear, and the full-time competition will lead to the dumbfire of the offensive end. At the situation of Titan, in Jacksonville, the new season in Jacksonville may affect the midwest of this season. The dullness of this game I want to use the following set of data to explain that the total number of columns in the two teams is 232 yards and 233 yards, and the Jaguji has even caught in the Red Area.

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