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Do you not go to the sky? Actually, the team boss hopes NFL regular season to expand to 18

March 8th (Wen / ESPN JEREMY FOWLER Compile / Love) As an important part of the break, the NFL labor negotiation agreement has reached the most critical level, and the two sides can finalize a new agreement in the next decade. Deciding whether NFL will face a stop after next season.

However, a source revealed that some NFL team bosses did not want the current agreement to be accepted by the players, and the reason they believe that they can negotiate a more favorable agreement, such as expanding the regular season!

“They think that you can finalize better agreements next year,” said sources, “They feel that they have given up too much in this agreement.” The scholars pointed out that the team owners in New York in February. In the boss joint meeting, the League President Roger Gu deer said that they were disappointed with the increase in the player’s salary and player’s number of people. Despite this, the team owner is still signed by the new labor agreement last month, although their opinions are not consistent, it is obvious that more than three quarters of the team boss chose to compromise.

Today, the agreement negotiation has been carried out in the player’s vote, and the players can vote on this new labor agreement before 12 o’clock in the evening. Once more than 50% of the ballot passes, this new agreement will take effect in 2020, and the earliest may have 17 regular seasons in the 2021 season. If so, simultaneously mean that the boss does not have the idea of ??18 regular seasons.

Conversely, if the player vote does not pass the agreement, then the bosses can propose 18 regular seasons in the next year’s negotiations. According to sources, the boss though thinks is more than one, but if they do this, maybe the player’s collective anger.

Although the agreement suggests that once the regular season is increased to 17 games, the player’s income will increase from 47% to 48.5%, but the players represented by Alon Rogers, Richard-Shelman and Maux Ponps. Clear against this agreement. Sources disclosed that some bosses are also dissatisfied with this agreement because they think that the player’s income is too large.

In fact, in July last year, the NFL player will execute the Director Demaris – Smith has seen some regular seasonings to 18 seedlings, but he calls yourself will not let this happen. “I don’t think the practice of 18 regular seasons, in any case, in any case,” Smith mentioned in the previous interview, “If someone puts forward 18 proposals, we will consider, but At least I didn’t see anything that made me feel that the player has a good factor. “

At the same time, some bosses have other concerns about this labor agreement. For example, the list of players from 46 people from 46 people, and the training list increased to 14 people. There is no salary limit for the highest income, and the minimum wage has risen from 495,000 to 6.75 million, and so on.

Nonetheless, the players still hold two attitudes in this new agreement, and the sound of opposed, these will not be able to offset the shortcomings of long-term health benefits. However, since it has entered the voting stage, whether it is the boss, the player can only be released. After all, I hope that the regular season will increase 18 games, if the new agreement can pass, at least fans don’t worry that there is a problem of stopping problems in the next decade.