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Eagles cornerback angry actually lose vertical middle finger to former coach

After the defeat to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles record has come to 4 wins and 6 losses, this record is for last season’s Super Bowl championship team, the playoffs have wanted precarious. The team’s defensive core wire Malcolm – Jenkins naturally aware of such a grim situation, but they were doing two hundred percent power also failed to stop the Saints for their beating and hanging, so when the game into the first when the four sections of an action Jenkins so that all the spectators and media outcry, the camera keen to capture, after the saints made a touchdown, Jenkins went so far as to saints coach Sean – Payton put up the middle finger !

At that time the Saints advantage to 38-7 lead, but the conversion of the third gear 6 yards, Brisbane did not able to find outside rookie wide Keyes – 科尔克伍德, at this time there from Eagles touchdown zone 37 yards, according to common sense saints should choose a punt or attempt a shot of 52 yards. However Saints was surprisingly strong play select fourth gear, and the success of Brisbane found a running back Alvin – Camara, so that the latter made a touchdown 37 yards. And after that it exists attack Camara Jenkins is the pulling away of the defense the ball into the end zone, this may allow Jenkins think it is an insult, maybe he’s subtext is: you are ahead 31 points, and why ruthless it? So he used the vertical middle finger to the way Saints coach Sean – Payton expressed dissatisfaction.

It is worth mentioning that, Malcolm – Jenkins before the effectiveness of the Hawks, he played for the team is the Saints. 2009 Saints drafted him in the first round, while Jenkins’ arrival might bring good luck for the Saints, so that they won the Super Bowl that year. After the Saints played in five years, Jenkins joined the Eagles in 2014, he has become a key man in their second-line defense.

Reporters after the game did not lose this thing, and Jenkins’s attitude is also very sincere. “I’m a competitive player, I love Sean – Payton, and I know that he too is a kind of coach and what kind of person, personal relationship between me and him is good.” In an interview with NBC’s Jenkins Speaking after the game interview. “After the game we chatted together, everything came good, I know Sean, he will play very aggressive; I was mistake I feel sad.”

The Saints coach Sean – Payton apparently did this thing in mind, in his post-match press conference, Jenkins also much appreciated: “at cornerback, he (Jenkins) is an amazing . the players I hate that he left our team, this could be the biggest mistake we committed his 13 years in all aspects are correct, is a very strong competitor, “while Sean – Payton that represents a four-speed six yards hit strong choice because he did not want to try a long-range shot, but also not willing to punt; and he felt 31-point lead for the Eagles this opponent is not insurance, if not to the full to go, it may cause unnecessary losses.

Of course, the 9 game winning streak Sean – Payton certainly be talking to this kind of thing, but the other events of the protagonist Malcolm – Jenkins are not so optimistic. Although the vertical middle finger incident could have let him face further punishment League at the weekend, but the Hawks’ second-line defensive core at this time more concerned about the grim situation facing the team as a whole. He was the last to leave the locker room after the game, could see that he was very depressed, and the first time did not accept media interviews. When a reporter to catch him and visit, usually cheerful personality Jenkins was very cold, and some sharp words.

“Last year’s Super Bowl title does not help you win this season a damn game,” the face of the team a bad status, status of the team Jenkins stunned and saddened. “You can see our performance this season, our data will reflect the level of our game, is so simple, no doubt, take a look at the videotape to know where the problem. In short, you get what you pay what . “

Of course, the last sentence is very overtones Jenkins stamp heart.


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