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Eight one Suzhi Wang Zhen: Yao Ming Yi Jianlian "Intermediary", the first landing NBA Chinese player

Wang Zhizhen, the famous Bayi team, his career is very brilliant:

He and Yao Ming, Battel synthesis China’s three “mobile Great Wall”;

He is the first Chinese player selected by NBA;

He helped the Chinese men’s basketball team won many Asian Championships.

His career is also regrettable. If you can log in to NBA earlier, Wang Zhizhi’s big probability can achieve higher achievements.

Wang Zhi’s defensive ability is most underestimated. When he was in the rookie season, the coach asked him to put most energy into the defensive end, and his field was completed in the top of the 1st cap, and the second cover list is only 2.1 times cover.

Among the active domestic players, Zhou Qi’s capabilities should be a unique existence. Even if it is a top season of Zhou Qi career scenes, only 3.5 times. It can be seen that Wang Zhizhen’s defense is not the weakness in most ports. If he can put most energy into the defensive end, he may become another defensive.

But put Wang Zhi’s defensive position will be a little “violent heaven”, after all, he not only has excellent shooting feel, but he is in the restricted area “Dream Foot” is no one. Therefore, there is usually no coach will use Wang Zhizhi that is growing as a blue-collar.

The Olympic Games, Robinson, chasing the wind born

If Wang Zhizhen is in the CBA, it is not enough to convince, the Wang Zhizhi has also once in the Olympic Games’ big hat dream team center David Robinson, the two are the Atlanta Olympics to participate in 1996. At that time, Wang Zhizhen had already been in the first talent, but due to the too small, it was not a main player, and his hooded Robison made everyone shocked.

How do Robson? The two Olympic gold medals, two NBA champion winners, even the four major cities of NBA at the time; although the two were extremely wrong, Wang Zhizhi was also interpreted to everyone with this cap. The newborn calf is not afraid of tiger.

It is also the invitation of the six NCAA team, but eventually he didn’t travel, but finally he didn’t go to CBA.

Help the Bayi team won the six consecutive championships, officially boarded the NBA stage

In the 1997-98 season, the 20-year-old Wang Zhizhi jumped into one of the best inner line players in CBA. The fields reached 22.9 points 9.3 rebound 3.4 steals, with his help, Bayi team completed three consecutive championships in the season.

In 1999, helping the Bayi team won the four-point championship Wang Zhizhi to turn his eyes to a higher stage – NBA. So he participated in the 1999 NBA draft conference, and finally Wang Zhizi was selected by the Maverick (now renamed exclusive) in the 47th. It is worth mentioning that a fame in the Spurs is also behind Wang Zhizhen, his name is Mono Ginyili.

The draft will represent a player’s potential, but it does not mean everything. Ginobili is the best example. He is the 58th in 1999 by the Spurs, but finally became one of the core of the Spurs. Wang Zhizhen did not have a good luck in Mona, and he did not immediately go to NBA report after being selected.

Until 2001, Wang Zhi, who helped the Bayi team completed the six joint championships to go to the exclusive report. However, the monators have already determined that Noviski as the cornerstone of the team, and Wang Zhizi can only be a team’s role player. In fact, Wang Zhizhi and Noviski’s ball are extremely similar. If Wang Zhi can log in to NBA in the morning, maybe he can compete with Noviski!

Wang Zhizhen’s NBA career has played a total of three teams. From the exclusive man, the clipper will come to the heat, but he has never been able to stay in the heart of the heart. In 2005, Wang Zhi, who was abandoned by the Heat, decided to return to CBA. In the first season of return to CBA, he defeated the Guangdong and Dongdong team in the day of the day, and was elected for the finals MVP.

The season after the season is 27.1 points 11.9 rebounds and 3.1 lids, Wang Zhizhi tells everyone with strong performance: he is still the best inner line player in CBA, the old chasing boy is coming back!

For the national fierce battle, bring the team to win the Asian Games champion

Wang Zhizhen’s career is a legend from 1995 to 2011, he has participated in the six-year competition. At the beginning, he was “the eagle” under the wings of Big Brothers. Later, he grew up, he used his “wings” to
protect the next generation “Eagle”.

The 2010 Asian Games is extremely important to the Chinese men’s basketball team. They must take the Asian Games champion at home. However, because the Asian Games and NBA’s time conflict, Yi Jianlian did not have the Asian Games, and Yao Ming was absent due to injury, and their absence brought a small blow to the Chinese men’s basketball team. Wang Zhizi, who is dead, provoked the burden of the men’s basketball team.

Iran is one of the strong enemies in Asia at that time, and Iran’s core player Hadad is like this to evaluate Wang Zhun:

“As long as there is Wang Zhi, the Chinese team is the strongest.”

As Hadadi’s evaluation, Wang Zhizi cut a 18-point 9 rebound at the Asian Games, and the first victory was taken.

The semi-finals have contributed 15 points in the second high of the team. At the critical moment, Wang Shipeng teamed up to win the victory.

The final battle is definitely a 10-year-old Asian Games. In the fourth quarter, when the end of the end, the Chinese team leads to 14 points, and the head coach Deng Huad is also changed to the rest of Wang Zhi. It is surprising that when Wang Zhiyu ended, the Korean team seems to be a state of attacking, and then played a wave of 8-0.

So Wang Zhizi repeatedly re-hanging on the end of the end. When Liu Wei quickly attacked the basket, there was a tall red figure flew over, Wang Zhiyi! I saw him grabbing the offensive rebound and retransmond, helping the Chinese team won the victory from it.

When the game was awarded, 11 teammates hanged the medals in the neck of Wang Zhizhen, and went to him “Mask.”

When I was interviewed by a reporter, Wang Zhi said:

“I haven’t been a little bit, and the coach has always made me defended. My legs are really uncomfortable. But this is our job, just like everyone and gets get off work, we are also completing our work. “

It is Wang Zhizhen to save the team in the water and fire in a critical moment, and he has won the horses in the country.

37-year-old choice retired, then coached eight men’s baskets

On July 5, 2016, Wang Zhi held a jersey decirant ceremony in the Olympic Sports Center. When he invited Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian to speaking on the stage, we are like seeing the experience of men’s basketball team. Yao Ming entrusted the men’s basketball team to Wang Zhi, and Wang Zhizhi gave it to the national team to 34 years old, and now I finally gave the banner to Yi Jianlian.

Wang Zhi after retiring, served as the coach of the Bayi team. Until 2020, the dissolution of the Bayi team also means the termination of Wang Zhijun.

It is not exaggerated that Wang Zhizi regards the Chinese men’s basketball team as a cause of life, and he has also achieved very brilliant achievements. And his legendary story and basketball spirit will also spread.