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Emirates Welcome to the Mexican Shouxiu Masha Gorge to defeat the enemy in the same area

Beijing time October 19th, 9: 15, NFL2019-20, the 11th week of the regular season came to Mexico City. The Los Angeles Flashing Team will face the challenge of the head-name Kansas City Emirates in the same partition.

Since 2016, NFL has arranged Mexico in 4 consecutive seasons. In the 11th week, I have only changed the competition to Los Angeles because of the problem of turf, which also made the original Mexican first show for a year. The two teams in this game were first appeared in front of the Mexican audience. What would they bring?

Mahms faces the front ten defensive group

Patrick Mahomes is now the absolute soul of this Emirates. After the injury missed the eighth week and the ninth week, the Mahms fire line returned, hoping to help the team to stabilize the ranking and successfully entered the playoffs. Although it was lost to Titan last week, the state of Mahmos was still hot, 50 passed, 72% of the pass success rate, sent a new high 446 yards and 3 pass to the game. Only in this week, I was very familiar with my homonym and the enemy’s flashing team. In the face of the full-League defensive group, Mahms had to be bigger, especially in the face of 8.5 Joey Bosa and the past two consecutive Melvin Ingram.

Running two people hit the Emirates

As long as Mahms is in, the Emirates have little need to worry about the score of this part, but the bad pavement defense has always resulted in better grades of the Emirates. Throughout the 8th week, Mahms was lost by injury to the package, and the Emirates did not catch the pavement of the opponent’s pavement. In the face of Titan, the chief pavement was lost last week, the 225 yards were lost, including the 188 yards only used 23 shots; the side of the Temple in the 6th week, the road lost 192 yards 3 to more than 3nd, let Carlos – Hyde rushed out of 116 yards 1 to 1 to 1, in front of the pony, also lost 180 yards, Mallon – Mark 132 yards.

These three panels have a decision of 199 yards 2 to more than one. The game the Emirates of the Economic Azure is to face the Famous Field of the Alliance – Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler. Moreover, Gordon has retrieved the state in the past two games. After the meeting, I got 188 yards of 3 to 3 Dalun, and the Aklerya 57 times successfully ranked 8th, and I have harvested 6 balls to reach. When Gordon didn’t come in the early season, Akler’s scorpion capabilities were fully reflected. It can be said that if the chief defense line is unable to prevent this, the team has lost half, and the score efficiency requirements of Mahms in the limited buses are higher. Lightning pavement offensive and chief pavement defense will be the most important winning spoons of the two teams.

Two nearly close

Since Gorlon retired, the nearest Agendary Tel Avis-Kelps is considered to have a top-ended-end-root capable of entering the league, but unfortunately, it has been influenced by injuries, always Did not fulfill potential. However, after this season, Henry recovered from the knee injury from the 6th week, playing the game data of 69.7 yards, only behind Kelps. The direct consensus of the neighborhood of the two teams will also be interesting.