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ESPN expert: Sevilino reimbursement impact is not the strongest

(Te / ESPN David Schoenfield Compile / DraSkar) This offset period New York Yangfen is undoubtedly a big winner, they signed the best first-selling pitcher Grite Cole, team The wheel value strength also jumped into the top level of the league. From the beginning of the spring training, the first round value of Yangji has continuously subjected to the test of injuries. First James Parxton’s long-term tale, today, today, the forefoot king Louis Severino needs to be ligament replacement surgery, season reimbursement.

In the premise of the pre-sector of the data website, the strength of Yangji first rounded value is the first, including Cole’s joining, expecting one person will contribute 6.8 wins such a performance; Yangji first The depth of the wheel value is also worth mentioning. In addition to Kol, Tanaka will be large, Parrseton and Sevilino’s victory contribution value is more than 3 wins, and the performance of Ja-Hap expectant in the season will return to normal. However, these expectations will change as the situation changes. With the injury of the Yangji first round, Yangji currently fell to the fourth, lagging behind the national, metronics and rays.

The injuries of Yangji rotation have been very large, and the number of Parston career has the highest season in 2018 in the 160.1 bureau of the sailor. Last season came to Yangji him to cast a 150.2 bureau, in May, because of the knee injury Parsston, it was close to 1 month. Yangji announced that Parkston’s rehabilitation time was approximately 3 to 4 months.

Sevilino was only re-cast 5 games last season, including 2 playoffs. After the season, I sent out the rumors of the neighborhood of the neighborhood, and he also accepted multiple tests during the offset period, and did not find abnormalities until the trial shift speed, there was an abnormal reaction. Today, Luo Shengmen, Severino injury, finally ended. After many nuclear magnetic resonance detection and experts, the team finally decided to implement ligament replacement surgery.

In addition to Sevilino and Parxon, the fields will also be a timed bomb. Since 2014, he found that his elbow joint was slightly torn, and the field will have a big hidden danger. However, the field will be averaged nearly 30 games in the past five seasons, and his arm is healthy and temporarily does not seem seriously. In addition to injuries, Yangji showed excellent pitcher Domingo – Herman’s current trend is also due to the bidding penalty of 81 league, he will wait until the 64th game of the season can be re-returned.

In the face of another wave of fierce injury, Yangji General Manager Brian Kashman still said that the team is still more inclined to diverting inside, in the current team’s lineup, Jordan Montgomery is likely to be Top 5 first vacancies. As a result of excellence in the 2017 season, Montgomery is the same absent approach 2 seasons because of the shoulders, and the Montgomery in the spring training is still in the 2017 pitching state. This is the first round value depth of Yangji. It is a great supplement. In addition to Montgomery, the potential first-year-old elements in the Junquad team also:

Jonathan, which is likely to be injured. He voted 56.1 bureau in the Grand League, but he had never been filled with 80 games in a season. Fireball men David Garcia (Deivi Garcia), the mismatch rate in the 3A-level League Lee in the 2019 season is 4.28, but he sent 165 three vibrations in the 111.1.

Michael Jin, the 2019 season he also missed most of the time because his back injury was absent, but 2018 he was very good at the small alliance. He did not win against the ball, and the use of various speed balls and variations in the small alliance, the slaughter of the small alliance. Louis Sausa, although he is a team’s long and secondary player last year, but his career has 19 experience in 19 major alliances. Clarke Schmidt If the new season continues to play well in the small alliance, he is also a potential choice for Yangji wheel value.

It can be seen from the above, at least the first round of the first round value is much thicker than many teams, let alone them have a single season of 300 three-oscillators last season. Now Yangji apparently has not yet worried about the strength of the team’s first round value. If Parsston can return it in May, the team is not too worried.

Now there is no team in the alliance to stand up to 5 first pitcher. The red rheina is the most complete in the first round of the 2019 season, and the five first pitcher has issued 152 games, but they also use 7 pitcher. Metropolis, the red and the bear only used 9 pitches, but the three teams did not enter the playoffs. Nowadays, there is no hard-friendly concept of hard-friendly.

The blanking rate of 4.51 in the first season of Yangji, although this achievement is not good, I can still be able to rush to sixth, and Yangji rely on such a round value in this season. 103 wins. To know that there is no Cole in the round value of Yangji last year, Sevilino is also finally cast in 3 games. Parxon is not accidentally injured. From then on, it can be seen that Yangji is less than the end of the world.

If you want to get the extreme, Parsston and Sevarino’s injury will make the overall strength of Yangji fell by about 4 wins. Survive in the league. If you are absent from Parxon, the smaller damage to the top-based wheel value.

Sometimes one or two players have lacking damage to the team. It is often easily exaggerated by the outside world. Even if Yangji suffers this in the spring training, they are still the popular candidates of the United States. For the team’s first round value, Kor is the most important member. Let the Base Management are more annoying or the team’s medical team’s poor performance.