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  • First, I have to win the steel crow war again and I look forward to the road of Titan’s global steel person.

First, I have to win the steel crow war again and I look forward to the road of Titan’s global steel person.

Pittsburgh Steelman needs to pay attention to other teams in the last week of competition for the second consecutive week. They need other teams in the regular season’s performance to enter the playoffs, and the reason why it will fall into the chain in an important moment for the second consecutive year. Last season, they lost to the bad Auckland raid at the time of the thirteenth week, and they were lost in the New York jet this season, in the previous game, in the previous game.

Now, the steel man needs to defeat the United States and the United States, the seeds of Baltimore, and I hope that Tennesi Titan can return to the playoffs. “We have again in hope and wish, just like last year,” said Bud DuPree. “Waiting for other teams. We should not be in this situation. We have had a chance before the season. In the early season, there are now, today, we will win the game, let us not fall into this situation. Even I have experienced so many dilepsings, and we can still control your own destiny. As a result, we failed. “

Duppi said yes. Steel people encountered serious injuries in this season and players’ performance unstable, but they did have a chance to enter the playoffs in the second half of the season.

The steel man has been only 10 points in two consecutive games. Since the first two weeks of 2013, this is the first thing, and their records are 8 wins and 8 wins, and they have not entered the playoffs. This season, there are no more than 10 points since this season, and since the most since 2000, there were 10 games to promote the number of codes no more than 275 yards, which was the most since 1966.

“This is really a strange season. I think I have never experienced such a thing before,” David Decastro said. “I don’t know how to express in language. We still have hope, there will be one week, you need to win. This is the most important thing now.”

Estaking the crow and Titan’s lighting is the best path in the playoffs. But the results involving the Auckland raid and the Indiana Polis horses may also determine whether the steel man can enter the playoffs. If the steel person is losing, Titan loses, the pony will win, then the steel man can enter the playoffs with the winning relationship. But if the raid is also winning the ball, the four teams are 8 wins and 8 losses, then the raid will enter the playoffs.

To successfully enter the playoffs in the last week, the steel man needs an offensive group to make a breakthrough performance. In the field score, the number of push numbers of the averaging, the number of ball passes, the number of four-point guards, the four data of the four-year-off, the steel man’s ranking is the worst of all winning rates.

“This is awesome,” Dikastro said. “This is very difficult. The truth is this. We let yourself fall into such a dilemma. See what will happen next week.”