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Guo Lian East Season Preview Eagle fear into the struggle giant to restart

8 partition 32 team fierce battle 6 months objective points to 1 super bowl.The NFL 2018-19 season will be officially opened on September 7.Specially prepared a beautiful former food – eight days in front of the eight-day spring and summer, autumn and winter.Today we lock our eyes in the partition in the defending super bowl.The New York Giants returned to the colleagues of the competitors, and then, in addition, the draft meeting selected the core running of the next decade, Sac Wan – Bakley, and the strength increased.Elliott, which has no sniper scandal, is also ready to lead the US team to kill the four parties in the new season.In contrast, Washington, the red skin of the four-point guard is not so lucky, it is possible to become a fish in the new season.

Philadelphia Eagle: 13 wins in the last season, the first partition, the super bowl champion new season 11 wins and 5 losses, the first part

Super Bowl MVP Nick - Falls

Super Bowl MVP Nick – Falls

Last season, the Eagle Eagle won the first super bowl of trophy in the “down dog” posture, but this team has encountered unexpected injuries. The 2017 season knee ligament is seriously damaged Carson – Winz is still overwhelming, and the super bowl MVP Nick Form is also injured in the training camp. The eagle’s four-defense position has fallen into the point where no one is available. In addition, the eagle’s main exterior takes over Al Shawen Jeffri and has surgery, worst, or will absence the first 6 games in the race. However, Philadelphia eagle did not change the charter change in the rest, the team almost saved the complete winner. Although Carson Wenz may not come out so quickly, but as long as Nick Fall is returned, the Philadelphia Eagle can still regard the defending as the primary goal of the new season. This team is still the name of this. Powerful.

After the Carson-Wenz fell, when people thought that the Philadelphia Eagle was finished, the Subtock 4-point Haknik-Form, but he took a wonderful performance during this period. He let Philadelphia eagle in unmanned In the case of the preference, the powerful new England Patriot was defeated, and won the first super bowl of the team. In the course, there were many teams hope that the deal will get Falls, but finally Falls still stayed in the eagle. Due to the injury of Kneson-Wenz’s knee, if Wenz did not return to 100 state, the Eagle won the eagle won’t let him come too fast.

In the early days of the new season, the New Department Super Bowl MVP Nick Form will also be the first quarter of the Philadelphie eagle. If Falls can continue to show the performance of the superbit, then the quarter competition will become very competitive. interesting. During the course, the eagle sent a strong running Galley-Brond, Winni-Cali, Biwu-Allen, etc., but the eagle retained the original main foundation, and also introduced Mike – Bente, Cori-Nilsen, Mike Wallace and other numbers, in addition to this eagle in this year’s draft conference also used two rounds to sign Dallas Goldt’s strength. In particular, Bente came to provide more energy for the eagle outstanding defensive front line, and the eagle’s champion-level defensive front line allows all NFLs to shake, and this team’s defensive second-line is like a way Passover high wall. In addition to the high-quality defensive group, Philadelphia Eagle also has excellent ground offensive, star running Weijie-Ajai leader’s running guard brought the ranking of the top three of the ranks of the ranking of the ranking. In the 2018 season, the old Eagle still maintains the highest quality attack and defense, defending a superb bowl will be the only goal of this team.

Dallas Cowboy: 9 wins last season, 7 wins in the second season of the partition, 9 losses, third partition third

Elliott new season will continue killing four

Elliott new season will continue killing four

Last season, Dallas denim is out, the rookie season is grabbing the four-point guards of Jan Ke-Prescot, the rough, running Wei Zikil-Elliott is because “home grunge” does not stop Alliance is entangled, and finally is still banned from alliances.

Before Iqiger Elliot was banned, he had an appeal to the Alliance’s ban, and came back and forth between the court and the court. Forbidden, Elliot is difficult to provide enough ground threats like 2016, which allows cowboy’s opponents to impact Dick Plescott, so Plescot is no longer as calm like 2016. Passing, he must fight against the opponent again and again, at the same time, the external hand de-Branett’s ability to degenerate, it is difficult to provide effective help for Plescot, before all of the problems, Prabote is completely exposed The weakness of the young people, he took a total of 13 copies in the last season, and the two young people hit the “new show wall”, which is the biggest cause of Dallas Cowboys in the last season.

Although the cowboy passed the ball at last season, only the league was performed, but the ground attack of this team was still in the forefront. However, in considering the defensive level of cowboy, only the level of the union, the weak pass + ordinary defensive, unless the cowbur’s runners can take 3 more than 3 reaches, but the cowboy is really hard to win. So in this course, the pain of Niji will introduce the young and beautiful external hands like Tamon-Austin, Allen Hels, who is in the team, the talents, Decnation, before the whole star Z – Bryant was sicking, but the ball of cowboy got a solid improvement.

At the same time, the cowboy is also a privileged label for the team to kill Wang Damus-Lawrence, leaving this 悍 悍 镇 防 防 组. In addition, the cowboy at this year’s draft conference has also got a young line guardian-Vander, and the strength of the defensive group has also been firmly improved. However, for Dallas Deni, the biggest personality is actually on Travis Frederick, this NFL top center has suffered rare Green-Bali syndrome. But it is reported that after effective treatment, Frederick’s condition has improved much, and the denim believes he can return to the court in the first week of regular season.

So, in general, Dallas cowboy operations in the tour, the overall strength has some improvement, for the cowboy, they hope to solve the problem of weak offensive at the last season, replacing a new number of external connections, Elliot also no longer has a lawsuit, the denim looks forward to recovery.

Red skin: 7 wins last season, 9 losses, the third season of the partition, 4 wins, 12 losses, compete for a bowl

Cousins ??Redskins lose, struggled in the new season

Cousins ??Redskins lose, struggled in the new season

Today’s Washington Redskins is a “New Year Wangxiao year after year” since 2015, quarterback Kirk – Cousins ??led the Redskins reach the playoffs, so the team did not play again a satisfactory record. Over the past two years, the Washington Redskins and has never been able Kirk – Cousins ??reach a long-term contract, the team can only continue to Kirk – Cousins ??branded franchise tag, so as to make the team will not reduced belly. In 2018, the Washington Redskins lead to a better future to make a change, the introduction of the team has long been famous quarterback Alex – Smith, then let Kirk – Cousins ??enter the free market. Think about the quarterback situation now pay soaring, the Redskins took only four years and $ 79 million on Smith got such a star quarterback, even after four years, 38-year-old Smith, it was a quarter David Bale normal stage of his career. Think again test the full margin 3 years 84 million contract with the Vikings signed Sings, have to say this is a good-value operation.

This offseason, the Washington Redskins in addition to provoke Alex – Smith outside and not much action, but the Redskins have a very clear goal for their own development direction, the team hopes to strengthen the team’s ground offensive to know the Washington Redskins last season, rushing yardage only ranked last in the league level, so the Redskins draft pick to the 2018 session of the guard one of the best run of Delhi Oslo – Gass, Redskins the ground offensive was about to rise, but then brutally Gass season-ending torn cruciate ligament, for the introduction of the Redskins FireWire former MVP running back Adrian – Peterson, hoping the 33-year-old veteran can help. Currently Redskins running back last season lineup with almost no change – Chris Thompson served as third gear catch running back, Robert – Kelly became number one running back, and Adrian – Peterson with Sama Ye – Perry Lynn will share playing time, but it seems still weak state of the running back group may be difficult to Alex – Smith provide much help, did not run the ball and share the pressure, Smith suffered more impact in the game.

We must mention about the Washington Redskins defense group, the team in 2017 sent out a full season sack record 42, which ranked in the top ten of the standard NFL, while in pass defense, the Redskins finished 87 times pass defense has recorded 16 steals, which is part of the first three league level. 2018 season, the Redskins defense group only strong not weak: on the defensive front, red in the first round of the NBA Draft 13th overall Redskins got defensive spikes Darrow – Payne, 2017 first-round pick Jonathan – Allen also restored to health; linebacker position more Pro bowl player Zach Brown – sits; two defensive lines, but also about what – Norman such star players. If Alex – Smith maintained his performance at the Emirates period, then the Redskins can still have a good overall strength.

New York Giants: 3 wins and 13 losses last season, the fourth partition of the new season 9-7, the second partition

Eli Manning and the Giants Beckham will lead the re-sail of the new season

Eli Manning and the Giants Beckham will lead the re-sail of the new season

Last season the New York Giants have reached the end of its tether, the team return to the playoffs in the 2016 season, only played in the 2017 season, the worst record in half a century. But who failed to think 2016 season return to the playoffs became a giant short-lived. Early in the season, the Giants offensive pillar of Odell – David Beckham suffered a series of injuries last season, the Giants then took over all the main outside were injured, the young cornerback Eli – Apoel, Dominica – Rodgers – Cromartie, etc. people are more tragic because of problems within the team locker room ban. The most frightening thing is to try to be smart coach McAdoo Eli relegated to the bench, but this storm point after Beckham injured his mediocre ability to command bared, eventually Eli – Manning no one is available due to the wide receiver, the offensive line was completely rotten, the state of the state have fallen sharply. In addition, the Giants ranked last in the league and ground offensive, defensive group also like Stealth general, a series of questions finally led to catastrophe, New York Giants 3 wins and 13 losses to end the season, but coach this – McAdoo and general manager Jerry – Reese were both fired. Last season for the New York Giants is undoubtedly a disaster.

In the offseason, the New York Giants and work hard to get back the old acquaintance Dave – Gaite Man as general manager, and the entire coaching staff will be completely rebuilt, the former Vikings offensive coordinator Pat – Schumer became the team coach, former Panthers coach became the offensive coordinator Mike – Shula, former Cardinals coach James – Bei Qieer became the defensive coordinator, a new look of the giants coaching staff will bring a new concept. In the lineup, the Giants team in order to make up the short board, the introduction of spending huge sums left tackle Nate – Suo Deer, running back Jonathan – Stewart, outside linebacker Karim – Martin et al; at the same time with the Giants still in draft the second overall pick to choose a running back Isaac Wan epic – Buckley, 2,3 round also received excellent care front Weir – Hernandez, linebacker Lorenzo – Carter, defensive tackle BJ- Hill, so that the bad giant ground offensive and the offensive line has been sublimated, but also solve the problem of the defense group. In addition, the Giants passing offense, 2017 first-round tight end Evan – Engel Ram Giants last season became the most attractive of the offensive players, the NFL’s top wide receiver Odell – David Beckham also has fully recovered, not only that, Beckham also continued with the team on a five-year record high of 95 million US dollars contract to take over the outside, it makes even more desperately Beckham on the pitch. So, while there Buckley share the offensive pressure, while there Enge Ram, Beckham enhance the quality of the ball, which will be Eli – Manning encountered one of the best line-up, I believe that the veteran can also get rid of last season the decline reproduce champion quarterback style, and I do not even want to believe Manning can win his first career regular season MVP.

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