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  • Haden is the three double basket network, the victory! Nash got Griffin too unwise, the 27th show came out

Haden is the three double basket network, the victory! Nash got Griffin too unwise, the 27th show came out

On December 1, Beijing time, NBA regular season continued, today, the NNK is in the main court, which is the challenge of Knick. This game will announce Walker, and their lineup is damaged, while the game starts 8 minutes. Barrett did not retreat because of his body, this undoubtedly increased the hope of winning the basket, but Knick used their tenacious defensive and basket network to fight, Fu Kie was hit, but Name James Johnson’s two penalties were killing, helping the Net Nets in 112-110.

The effect of Xibetund is still very obvious, instead of his starting Burks in the entire 21st, three points 10 4, 25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists 2 steals 1 block, if So much power to Walker, I can also say such a performance, but Burke does not need the ball, and defense is better. At the same time, Ross has got more opportunities, and played well, the audience 13 in the audience, 6, three Take 6 points and 5 rebounds 9 assists data.

This bureaucore Lander won the second high of the team, and there were 9 rebounds 8 assists, but his firepower did not match Harden and Durant, Durant’s 23dm. Three points 5 in 0, 27 points, 5 rebounds 9 assists 1 cover, today’s Nago is full of firepower in the first quarter, the whole game is 20 in 11, three points 8 34 points 10 rebound 8 assists 3 steals Data, the game also staged the play code.

After today’s 3dm, Harden’s three-pointer has exceeded 2500 mark, and only Ray Allen, Reggimille and Curre have reached this record. In the case of the two core lack of opponents, the basket and opponents also hit the last thing to make everyone couldn’t understand, and this main reason is the three points of Knicks strictly guard against the Burding, and the Ade is three points. On, because they know that Ade’s three points can’t die.

Therefore, the outside of the Net has also been suppressed. The whole team is only 8 in the three-point total fit of the team. The hit rate is as low as 28.6%. If the game has Griffin or the basket network can win more relaxed, after all, Griffin has Space capabilities, but also, although his ability to attack is not as good as Ade, it is better to play five small space, but Nash has chosen Griffin, I think he is not wise.

If it is not James Johnson’s play and the play of Xiomas, No. 27, it is possible to explain this game. James Johnson has 2 in the whole game. Cameron Thomas, 9 shots, three points, 4, 2, 12 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists 1 steals, recently Cameron Thomas won Nash’s trust, in the past three games, he won 3 respectively Divide, 13 points and 11 points.

As a team rotation player, this is very good, and he only hits 11 minutes, and he ran on the game for 20 minutes. Cameron Thomas has played excellent The performance, he is Xiaolian’s score king, and the preseason is also a single standing performance, but Nash did not give him too many opportunities after the start of the new season, and now he finally got the trust of Nash, played.

Cameron Thomas holds a ball offensive ability, this 21st first round of Show, No. 27, believes that the future can also give the Net. It is said that this is what you want to say for Knicks and Nets? Welcome to the message discussion.