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  • Half of 4 points, 19 points in the audience! Virgo is still disappointing, the Warrior’s future is really looking at you.

Half of 4 points, 19 points in the audience! Virgo is still disappointing, the Warrior’s future is really looking at you.

One afterwards behind, eventually worth 20 points

Today, the game of Warriors and Philadelphia seems to be a roller coaster. In the first half of the warriors, they are extremely passive, they once behind 19 more than one. Nowadays, the Warriors are also very clear, regardless of the leader of the opponent, will feel nervous. The team’s offensive ability is too strong, and stronger in the second half of the warriors, eventually 20 points in the city.

The first quarter 0 points, 19 points in the audience

Today’s Warriors once again played a team basketball, they sent 32 assists, and they gave 15 points three points. Curry once again understood 6 points and three points. The positive negative value is the highest number of +29. But don’t forget the performance of the first player Vilins, he also provides great help to the team’s winning, and won the 0 points in the first quarter, 19 points in the audience, which contributed to the second half. 15 points.

The least worrying this warrior is the score of Vilins, he can always stabilize his score in this level, he has such an ability. Today’s Vints plays a very important role in the Warriors. He is the second score of the team. It is the first defense of the Warriors, and the current Vinkins has been completely integrated into the warrior.

In the past, Wushu wolf was cut, and the Vilins cut 35 points, he as if he made a durse. Performance continues to increase and stable and efficient. There is always someone to ridicule Vivins’ attitude, where you must say words for Villins, his attitude truly determines the future of the Warriors.

Vilins’ attitude, the upper limit of the warrior

Just now, We mention that Vilins’ attitude determines the future of the Warriors. If you want a fan, you will say that it is purely. From another perspective, the Warriors in the last season compete for the quota of the season, and the Warriors of this season want to hit the championship.

Since then, with the review of Thompson, I believe that the power of the warriors will once again increase a level. Compared with the previous 73 win season, the Warriors also owned the library, Thompson, Green and Igodala, and Vilins successfully replaced the position of Barnes. I believe that everyone will not forget the reason why the Warriors lost from the finals, the original Barnes’s performance is extremely unsatisfactory, the knight is emptied, but he is not entering, and the final warrior can’t fall into the passive situation.

The Talent and Barnes’ s talents and Barnes must have to improve a level, and the reason why he did not play too high, and everything stems from his attitude towards the game. When Vilins began to force, or when it was “sweating” in the famagad, he must be able to play all the stars.

Vilins does look at the heart, he is no longer players who have been playing with health. The four major vitality of the Warriors determined the lower limit of the team, but Vilins was the player who decided the team’s upper limit. If he can continue his own state, then the Warriors are no longer a dream for the pursuit of the championship, and they have such strength.

It is not easy to wake Wake Vilins’ potential ability, and Cole is waiting for a multi-season time, and now he finally found his position. At present, the Warriors’ record is also the first, and they will continue to create their own history. As for the event, if you can, everything will wait and see!