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He has created a 21-year 868 self-study record "Chinese baseball light" is so refining

Written / Zhang Zihan

On March 21st, the second game of MLB Japan was like yesterday. The lens has been focusing on an old man with glasses. When he is, he put the squadron’s pitching noddion in the field of the sailor. On-site picture, there is also a sculpture of the first jersey. Yes, the 79-year-old old man is Wang Zhizhi known as the light of Chinese baseball. His career has created 868 projects in 21 years. Human and, also a world record of Guinness certified.

Data map

Data map

If Berby Rus is the god of the American baseball, Wang Zhizhi is the god of Japanese baseball. In 1977, he broke the bookmaker Hank-Allen’s home base, thus became the “King of World Baseball”. The US Times Weekly also called Wang Zhihe and Boxing Ali, Bayley, Bayley, called the world’s three major sports superstars.

Wang Zhizhi father is dangerous for Zhejiang people.

Wang Shiwang, Wang Shifu, is Zhejiang Qingtian, 1922, from the hometown of the hometown, and the relatives of the same village wandering to make a living in Tokyo in Japan, after a few years, Wang Shifu has a home restaurant. Wang Zhizhi, born in 1940 is the old family in the family, and his ten-year-old brother Wang Tiecheng is often riding a bicycle with Wang Wei to the baseball field. At that time, Wang Zhenzhi couldn’t get on the age, so I could only watch my brother and friends on one side.

Japanese baseball god Wang Zhizhi showed sports talent, school in the school team, table tennis team, and the baseball team had his body everywhere, even in order to arrange the training of various projects. Foreign children are often bullied in schools, and Wang Zhenzhi will grow to 175cm when they arrive early, because they are good at doing, they have never been bullied. At the time of elementary school, Wang Zhi was also got out of the cross-section Ye Yaishan exquisite prince. Even the agent of the company also recommended Wang Zhi to consider entering the puff.

Can you believe that Wang Zhenzhi has almost doing it?

Can you believe that Wang Zhenzhi has almost doing it?

Father Wang Shifu did not catch a cold against Wang Zhizhi, “Do not work hard”, he hopes Wang Zhenzhi’s electrical engineering and put it into work as soon as possible. Even so, Wang Wei still insists on participating in sports. After he raised his junior high school, the school did not even have a baseball field. In order to play, Wang Zhenzhi had to go to the school to participate in high school students after school, and he also strengthened his growth in the play.

The initial generation of two knives

Wang Zhizhi in high school into the early paddy field industry is comprehensive, in the team, served as two knives in the team, not only guarded the outer country or the team’s first firing. Rely on super baseball talent, the high school half school Wang Zhiji as ace led school to enter the 1957 spring Jiayuan baseball match, and all the first three games were all retracted. On April 7th, he hangs hands to send a high school in the high school, Wang Zhizhi, the scorpion of the index finger is grinded by the ball line, and the blood baseball that has been filled with the bodies, let the referee have to suspend the game, but Wang Zhi refused the coach. Substitution request, still hurt the whole game.

Wang Zhizhi in high school

Wang Zhizhi in high school

In the second year of the summer, in the second round of knockout, Wang Zhenzhi has completed his opponent to 11. This game is also the only overtime game in the history of Jiaziyuan. There is no unafe, and this record is almost a miracle in Jiaziyuan, which is constantly changing. Perhaps it is an uninterrupted continuous first, the body is too big. Wang Zhizhi slowly turned from pitcher to wilder, and he concentrated on practicing hit.

Going to the career game golden chicken independently

In 1957, Wang Zhizhi high school graduated from the major teams, and many teams even said that they would give him a first place in. After thinking struggle and family conversation, Wang Wei finally gave up the preschool male road to Wang Shifu, and chose to become a professional baseball player. The main consideration of the seller’s team Wang Zhizhi is that it is not far from the home, can be Watching home without a game.

In the first season of reading a giant, Wang Zhenzhi has gone, after the fight against the strength of the strength, even the simple beat has become a luxury, and the 26-year-old do not play after playing. Wang Zhizhi was very disappointed with himself, and he had thought that the transform position was re-changed to a pitcher.

The Selling Giants’ blow coach Wankawa is now Wang Zhenzhi, when the other person makes the ball, it always sits backwards, so the focus is adjusted to the middle of the position when hitting the ball. The two gradually explored, and finally Wang Zhizhi was born. Wang Zhizhi is independent when he is preparing to make action, so that his gravity has become more concise, thus greatly improving the ball.

The hit rate has risen steadily, and the homer yield has gradually improved. Later, it is not only a hit, but even the patriarchal, Wang Zhizhi, also found confidence, gradually stabilizing the first base.

In order to break through its own limit, Wang Zhenzhi has to exercise against the mirror before going to bed every day. After the game, he also had the shortcomings of the hotel to reflect on the competition, but also with the ball waves, make fine adjustments to our own waves.

Since 1962, the golden chicken in Wang Zhizhi demonstrates great power, and he called the 38-year-old horn for the first time. The next season is more on the next level, playing a record of the single season 40, in 1964, Wang Zhizhi ushered in the big outbreak, and the results of the 55-year-old Batters triggered world media attention. This Japanese rod single season home running record high for nearly 50 years.

The homage of the giant team has surged because of the rise of Wang Zhizhi, and the strikes and team big brothers, Hao Zhion, and the three-four-four-finals, the media and the fans took two people. . From the 1962 season to the 1974 season, Wang Zhizhi occupied the position of the home, 1973, 1974 Wang Zhiji also won the title of “Combating the Three Crown”. The entire career has been selected for the best lineup for 18 seasons.

On September 3, 1977, Wang Zhizhi ushered in the most important battle in his career. In the Tokyo Dome Orientation, Wang Zhizhi hit his career 756 from Pitcher Suzukang Erlang in Tokyo Dome Original Site. Breaking the world record that was originally hit by MLB Legendary Outfield Hank-Allen, Allen also expressed his congratulations to him. Wang Zhizhi returned all his honors to support his parents behind him. After the end of the game, I also invited parents and show them to them.

After the 1980 season, Wang Zhizhi announced his retirement during his career peak, and his career homes were also fixed at 868. This record is also considered to be one of the most impossible records of the baseball industry. After retiring, Wang Zhizhi transferred to the giant team assistant coach, Wang Zhizhi’s No. 1 dressed in the Sailing Giant was also permanently retired.

Transder the coach to build a Qigong two pieces of jersey retirement

Say goodbye to the player’s identity, Wang Wei continued to be hot in the altar, he first served as a member of the Selling Giants and became one of the assistant coaches in 1981. In 1984, he was officially taken from the head of the head, but in 1988, he all Failed to lead the team to win.

In the following few years, he served
as NHK’s ball comment. In 1994, he was selected into the Japanese Wildlush Hall (Japanese Baseball Hall). In 1995, he served as Fukuoka Datong Eagle (2005 management rights, renamed Fukuoka Software Bank Eagle). However, the team’s long-term results is sluggish, and Wang Zhizhi has been questioned by public opinion.

Wang Zhizhi in the mid-time

Wang Zhizhi in the mid-time

The situation has turned around in 1999. He led the Great Rong Eagle to the season, first defeated the West Wulian to win the Ocean champion, and then in the Japanese contest, defeated the CCL champion in China. This is the first Japanese in the team since 1964, Wang Zhenzhi also turned into his coach career.

The second year Wang Zhiji once again led the team to enter the Japanese contest, the opponent is the Sailing Giant led by the old team Friends, this series of “ON supervisors”, but this time Wang Zhi is lost to Long Island, the giant is 4 -2 wins the championship.

Another peak of Wang Zhizhi’s career is from 2006, the first WBC World Baseball Classic. At first, the Japanese team’s players were not successful, but in the influence of Wang Zhizhi, many star players including Suzuki, came to team, the team strength increased.

Wang Zhi (left) was held to teach the Japanese team, and he bought it with Suzuki.

Wang Zhi (left) was held to teach the Japanese team, and he bought it with Suzuki.

In the first round and the second round, the Japanese team lost to the enemy’s Korean team, especially the second round of Korean team, and the Japanese team was only promoted in three 1 wins and 2 teams. However, in the semi-final, Wang Zhizhi successfully directed the Japanese team to kill South Korea, and then won Cuba after the finals, became the first champion of WBC.

https://www.fanbutikk.comIn July 2006, due to health reasons, Wang Zhiji temporarily bid farewell, hospitalized to receive stomach resection surgery, and then brought together two seasons after rehabilitation, but his physical condition has no longer allows the high-strength work such as coach, after the 2008 season Wang Zhi is officially transferred, and the soft silver eagle has retired his 89 jersey, which makes Wang Zhenzhi become the first person who retires the back of different teams with players and coaches.

The famous Hall of Famous Hall is a “baseball light”

If there is a concept, the NPB level is lower than MLB, so the title of Wang Zhizhi’s “World Home Belt Wang” is not established. This statement certainly has its truth. If Wang Zhizhi is developing in MLB, I am afraid that the home base is far from the number. But on the literal, the home run is the home run, Wang Zhizhi’s 868 mobile phone is a world record. Even the MLB is located in the celebrity hall of Kuber Town, there is also a counter show Wang Zhizhi break the moment of the Hank record. On the 2009 WBC’s broadcast screen, the US also made the “World Home Run” subtitles, which sufficient to prove the recognition of the American baseball community for Wang Zhizhi.

Although in the cultural environment, Wang Zhenzhi can be said to be a Japanese, but he has always insisted on his own Chinese. As early as 1986, he had translated the autobiography published by Wang Zhizhi. At that time, Wang Zhizhi did not visit China specially wrote the following preamble for the Chinese version:

“I created a home running a world record, I was very grateful. I would like to express my gratitude again. My father – Wang Shifu, born China’s Zhejiang, and growing up there When he came to Tokyo, he came to Tokyo, and his mother who was born in Toyishan County, Japan. He got a Chinese restaurant and met many Japanese people.

Data map

Data map

From a childhood, I am a very favorite sport, my father always calls me to listen to others, try my best for others. During the high school, I was fascinated by the baseball, and later got a full force in the giant army and hit the home. But even after the total coach, the father still stayed in my heart. I have never set foot on China’s land, but this book has visited China in advance. I believe that there will be one day to meet you. “

Wang Zhizhi’s baseball career is naturally a monument in Japan and even Asian baseball history, but also has a great demonstrative significance for Chinese baseball. His success proves that the Chinese can also play a first-class baseball level, inspiring the road of Chinese baseball people in the future.