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Hold a super bowl in London? The president of the NFL called a prerequisite is important

NFL is the most commercially available sports alliance around the world. In the past ten years they have been promoting overseas markets, and now NFL has made great progress overseas. As the head of the overseas competition, the London bowl welcomes the fans in the UK. This year’s London bowl ball ticket is half a year in advance. And now the alliance is increasingly valued by the Quality of the London. At 21:30, the Jacksonville American Tiger and defending Champion Philadelphia, the game, is considered to be the highest in the history of London bowls in history.

Before the game, you can see the shadow of rugby in the streets of London. The two teams of the bus shuttle through the British streets, and the most places must be the cheerleading. Now more and more British fans choose to look at another football and pay more attention to the big guys wearing a helmet, the fans are gradually not satisfied with the regular season, and even have more ideas for the super bowl. Hold a super bowl in London? It sounds crazy.

Nfl President Roger Gudel said in an interview with “Good Morning Rugby” on Saturday, I am afraid that it is difficult to bring the super bowl to London. He believes that London at least there is a NFL team to talk about nothing: “People talk about a lot The fans are also crazy, I think if there is a NFL team here, it will promote the development of this matter. If there is no, it is difficult. “

Although Goodel did not explicitly indicate whether NFL intends to set up a team in London, he affirmed that rugby’s fans in the UK is very large enough to support them to operate an NFL team. “I have been saying in the past few years: I believe that the fans came for the team. For the quantity and enthusiasm, I think this soil’s sports business operation is already mature, and we have to take into account political problems. We Need to integrate all the elements, and we must also face the competition in strange land. How do we do fairly treat the team here? Some teams have to leap At the Atlantic to fight, this is a problem. “

“In my opinion, the biggest difficulty is the playoffs because you can’t think of any feasible solution. When the race is really coming, we may arrange a schedule in a relatively fair way in the season. When you enjoys the playoffs, this may be unfair to some teams. If the Haiying is coming from Seattle to fight here, how do you make them play? So we must plan this in advance, Solve difficulties. Of course, there is a saying that I am very satisfied with the market in London, which is very peaceful for the enthusiasm and quantity of fans. “

Goodel pointed out that the problem is very realistic, it is objective, it seems that the alliance really thinks about the incident of London’s establishment team. The strategy given by the Alliance is that some teams will enter a week after the London game, so they will have enough time to adjust the biological clock, rest and adapt. But this method is unable to apply to a large-scale competition, just a few London. In addition, Tidel Saturday, the Saxi Eagle, this is two-way issues, and the team of London is certainly more uncomfortable.

Despite this, the Alliance will certainly continue to hold or expand the scale of overseas competitions. Although there is no agreement in the inside, the London is absolutely worthy of development, fans become a group purchase ticket, which is not a concert. “This is our way of development, right?” Goodel talked about the importance of NFL in the UK: “Sharing the game, watching the game, playing the game is the best promotion method, because they can experience the most juice original football You can smell the breath of football in the city. I just stayed here for 24 hours, I have already felt excited that the war will be, I believe that the fans are like me. “

At the same time, the League is in full swing, and the alliance has also encountered difficulties in the next step, and it is crazy, but in addition to the few questions listed in the above problems, it is necessary to face religion, exchange rate, tax rate, etc. Wait, even involve wage and draft. Every year, it is a matter of playing a few games, even if the alliance arranges eight London in London or arranges the whole season, it is absolutely two yards with a team in London.

NFL knows that this is certainly unable to prevent them from developing. The May Dikik, the Mayor of London, is also eager to turn the city into the world sports capital. In the future, London will inevitably follow the NFL’s relationship.

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