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Beijing time on December 3, 9:15 in the morning, the Pittsburgh Stebcommaster met the Los Angeles Flash. After the Pittsburgh Steelman lost to the wild horse at last week, 6 consecutive victories were endped. However, this game was actually chased 23 points after the game was 16 points, but he did not have to be. And in the final second stage of the game was shot from the lightning queue, it was two loses. This season’s flashing team showed excellent, and fell behind the scene, and the player also took the pressure in the last 0 seconds, and the steel people were defeated at 33:30.


The score behind the first half of the first half is 220 wins 0 losses 2 flat, which can be said to have never lost the ball. However, today they have been reversed by the flash in the first half of 16.

In history, the two teams have passed 31 times, and the steel organs will dominate with 23 wins and 9.

Wonderful review

The flashing team has achieved a small advancement in the first attack, but the player kicks the game when they face 52 yards. This makes the first attack of the steel body, gets the position of the attack from the beginning of the half field. Si Dichang – Roscisley is only used to take a long connection to his own number one. Antonio – Brown came here. 1 yard before the Lightning Team Array Zone. This season replaced Levian-Bell’s running guard James Connant, he rushed into the Lightning Team in the Five Team in the first quarter, 7: 0. The Steel Man is very active in the first quarter, the second attack relies on the opponent’s pass interference to come to the red area of ??the flash. Also, James Connant, he felt two degrees in the first quarter left, and then reached the array again. However, due to the play of the player kick, the steel team leads to the opponent 13: 0. However, this season’s flashing team is no longer the flash of the season, and the record of 8 wins and 3-lost records still have a certain strength. The quarter-point Gawip-Rivers is also a long biography in the end of the first quarter to find the outer hand, Tel Avis-Benjamin, the latter directly reaches the ball. The flashing team pulls back a city at 1 minute left, 13: 7.

The Second Snaps of the Safety Safety Wei Den – James copied the four-point guard of the steel people. But this flash is not a score. And when the next attack, the flashing team was also covered by the steel people’s defensive group when they were abandoned. This mistake also gave the steel people’s player Kris Bosville an arbitrary kick chance, just kicking the additional points of Chris Bosville, stabilized 48 yards, 16 : 7. Subsequently before the end of the half, Big Ben leads the steel people to quickly advance. He came to the 28 yards of the flash in 17 seconds before the end of the half. He once again selected his number of Antonio-Brown, a long biography of more than 30 yards directly connected to Brown, 23: 7.

However, after the second half, the steel people just opened the fierce attack all the mute. Instead, the flash of the flash is playing in the air on both ends of the attack. The first attack in the second half is 10 minutes from the first half. They finally came to the Red District of the Steel Man, in the third quarter, Philip-Rivers, gave the external work, Kana-Allen. The defenders of the original steel people have destroyed the ball, but their two defensive players rushed together. The ball was played after being interfered, Kana-Allen received this ball, and then the flashing team was successful, 23: 14.

Next, I came to the chance of the flash of the Lightning Team, and the backcrcroups Desmond Gold took the help of teammates, and they directly attacked the 73 yards to get the copy of the CTs. And they have chosen to play two points and succeed. After 2 minutes from Section IV, they chased the score, 23:23. The flash of fire does not make persistent efforts, running Jaster – Jackson performance, he has been in front of the game, through his own change and personal ability, breaking through the defensive defensive into the steel people’s array, Score, 30: 23. The Steel people came from leading 16 to 7 points, and finally their offensive finally started recovered in the fourth quarter. Run Jay Samuels 4 minutes prior to the end of the game, received a short pass of the short biography to the slave of the Flash, equalized the score, 30:30. But finally, the flashing team came to an area where the time was exhausted. Because of the foul of the steel people, try the free kick three times three times. Despite the third steel people, it is foul, but he takes the stress of the fire, killing the steel people, 33:30.

Player data

Steel people quiz 45-Biography, Roscisley, 281 yards, 2 times, 1 time being copied. Run James – Connaught 15th sports ball, 60 yards, 2 times. External handlers Antonio – Brown 10 times, 154 yards, 1 time to reach.

Lightning Team 4 points Wei Feilip-Rivers 36 pass 26, 299 yards, 2 times. Runjajusin – Jackson 8th sports ball, 63 yards, 1 time Deta. External handle Kana-Allen, 148 yards, 1 time to reach.


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