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I understand the show in 2019: Jinyan Dao Big Win Bear Choose too conservative

With the last position of the player, the champion of the World Competition was selected from the championship of Boston, and the draft conference of this year was also officially ended. In the draft, there will always be a few operations that make the fans’ breathable “actually can choose him in this position!”, But there is always a few choices to let me have a choice of melon people, “why Want to choose this player so early? “Al or” The farm has been enough for this type of player, why should I choose? “

Let’s take a look now. Which teams are the winners in this year’s draft, and what team operates to make the fans sigh?

Winner 1: Los Angeles Daoqi

Last year, I won the World Contest, Los Angeles Daoqi, this draft, despite the 25th in the 25th, but finally touched the best university beats. Kody Hoese, University of Durang University, which has an excellent performance in university, although the performance of the wooden stick is still university, but the light is his strength. It is enough to take him with a first round sign. It is very unexpectedly, in the 31st, the Dodge, actually found that the Best of the North Carousel / Field Bush has not been taken away!

This draft university player has a three-strong player in the North Card and the Summer Cod, and the Summer Cod Point.

With his excellent blow and the choice of the ball, it is not difficult to become a hopper in the same ladita. With two players who developed the floor, Dodge also chose the high-tech right pitcher Louis (Jimmy Lewis). The high school student has a fireball that can be 95 miles, and a future Become a curved ball. At the same time, there is only 200 pounds of height of 6 feet and 6-inch, and he has a very large growth space and the potential has not been excavated. Plus Pitty Pepiot This is the right pitcher from Badler, and can choose to be surprises outside of the 102nd. Dodge this draft, integrated floor, ceiling, and growth space, can be said to be a very comprehensive draft.

Lunker 1: Chicago Bear

One of the most surprising choices of the first round, Chicago Bear passed away from the university from Fresno, Ryan Jensen. This Jun has a fast ball with a speed of 98 miles, supplemented by the above-level slide, but only 6 feet heights, let most scouts think he is more suitable for the support. Although the basic level is not bad, it is relatively conventionally available for other players who can also choose to choose from, and the famous baseball analysis magazine Baseball America will roll Janshen’s 109th, and the official website of the Great Alliance It is ranked 99th.

As can be seen from this rank, Jensen has been completely likely to stay in the second round of the wallet team (64th). And in the first round, the risks of risks are selected, and the second round can always come to a rookie with high growth potential? No, the second round of bear team chose UCLA’s two-base Strumpf. This player is also the type of floor high ceiling, although he also belongs to the mature university player who pays attention to the pace of the walger team in recent years, but compared to the previous players, the Strumbov’s ceilings are obviously low. Many.

The most exciting the fans in the election, probably in the sixth round, the highest high school catcher Hern (Ethan Hearn), which is the highest in this draft, but can be signed and another problem.

Winner 2: Baltimore

Baltimo, who has a homark, basically, as long as the Oregon State University’s strong catcher Luqian (ADLEY RUTSCHMAN) is, it is already a very successful draft. Named since the Buster Posey’s Buster Posey, the most comprehensive caught has been found, basically everyone knows that the champion can only be him, such a all-around hand has made him a unique existence NS. Its growth ceiling is probably a fine-grade player of all-year all-star, so that it is known that people are more optimistic about Rujiman’s talents and potential.

However, this draft is not only the joins of Rujiman. When the second round starts, the Jinji General is very surprised to discover the Gunnar Henderson is still in the list! The third high school students ranked in this draft were pretended to be left around 15-25, but a series of names were called, but there was no Henderson’s big name appeared on the board. superior. In addition, Jacquard of Kyleston is incorporated in the late two-wheeled.

The two universal owners have the potential of the annual production of 25 bombings. The latter is one of the best owners in the entire draft ladder. This draft will enable Jinji’s barren farm to join a good hand. Let the fans have a better expectation to the future.

Lunker 2: Colorado

Open the MLB official website, the top 10 of the Inner University of Neolorado, you will find that there are 7 players, more 4 is the corner in the wilder (one base / three bases). All the universities are well known that the home of the Rociki team is on the Denver Plateau, and it is a famous pitcher, so it is basically impossible to sign the big brand in the free market. It can only be cultivated by himself. However, after the Nolan Arenado, the Star Trusts, as well as the farm has a full-footed position of the competition, the Sylge team is still this time. The first two signs of the draft are used in the corner of the wilderness.

The first round of the first round, Luoki also selected UCLA’s Based on the pool in the election pool, although the player has very powerful strength, but No enough blow ability to liberate his power is a problem. The second signed selection of the University of Georgia’s University of Georgia, although the strength is not good, all aspects have not particularly prominent.

In Arrecoto, it will take a long time to occupy the three-stroke zone. There are also a large number of rookie Welkes and the Tyler Nevin waiting for the big alliance, which will be signed in these two Others, especially the pitcher, which makes Rocky are very disappointed.

Winner 3: Arizona Snake

With the largest signing in the draft, there are 7 signed Arizona-raging snakes in the top 75, and it is destined to choose this draft, and they have done it. In the 16th shot, a smart-like high school wilder, Corbin Carroll, which is a very weak young man who is slightly weak. Then in the 26th in the 26th, the high school is selected from the BLAKE WALSTON, and the Brennan Malone is selected.

These two high school students have a variable ball with one hand and above, and there are many growth space in the body. After selecting a high school player in the ceiling, the tail snake is selected in several risk-lowering technical movements, from the 34th Pixabay, Drey Jameson, 56 The Ryne Nelson is the 74th-level Left Pitcher Henry, and the Dominic Fletcher of the 75th, which belongs to this type of choice.

The next few rounds focus on the university players can make the tail snakes out the quota to sign the previous high school players, but these balls are deemed to have “save money”, and there are also like the seventh round. Hands BRICKHOUSE and the eighth round of foreign wilder Handsoni (Dominic Canzone) This kind of good hands with excellent performance in college.

This draft is likely to change the show of the entire team, and the future playing star may be born from this batch of players, just like the 2009 ladder. Throughout this year, the snake scouting and the high-level dozen
a beautiful draft, high-risk high-risk high-ce plate players and low-risk stable growth players, and play more advantages. Exhausted.