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Indians set up all star game in Santanara tickets for their own homes

Since I know that the All-Star Tournament in the season is starting at their own home, I returned to the old place, the Cleveland Indians, the CARLOS Santana, did not expect to be announced in front of their own fans. USA The League first sent a first base.

The US time on Friday, the final round of the All-Star Tournament started, while Santana became one of the three American alliances in the final round. The voting results will be announced in the US time on Wednesday, and Santana can become a self-name star Toma (Jim Thome since 1999), the first Based on the Cleveland Indians representing the https://www.mlbtrikot4.comUS League?

“I want to thank all fans who vote for me. I also hope that they can always support me, especially in this year, all star games are held at our home court. This is one of my dreams, life first I was selected as the star game, but it was just at my home, and my own fans. “

And his main team Cleveland Indians also made a complete preparation for their own players, and sent a voting theater T-shirt for everyone, plus a game that can be drawn on August 5 to Cavalry to Texas. The opportunity to kick, in order to send more home players to the star game. Even, in order to enhance everyone’s willingness to follow, they even set a special vote on the 153th district at home.

From an objective perspective, Santana is also one of the players who can play the players in Cleveland this season. He is the most stable beat in this season, and it is a team of striking data. Among the first 77 games of the team, the hits, the oscillation rate, the length, the whole, the number of points, the score, the balance, the second base is playing, the guarantee, etc. is the first.

However, the data more worth mentioning is that all the players who have not been selected in the star game in the active parties are also
the highest, perhaps this time, should it be around?

“I really want to go to a star game, especially this year, here, this course. This is a new experience. I have participated in the small alliance, but then follow it again It is not the same. I also want to participate in the home running competition. If they ask me, I must node immediately. This is really exciting, I think about the all-star game every day. ” Santana said so.