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Is it hurting this season? Packaging workers quartzvae is expected to surgical surgery in turn circumference

Alon Rogers and Green Bay packaging are expected to use cultivation, not surgery, to help this quadruple to repair fracture toes. Packaging worker teaches Matt-Ravler to “collect (injury) information on November 30,” So I can only take a step “. However, there is news that this information is expected to make Rogers make the decision of surgery in the wheel.

Now that the 9 wins and 3 losses have entered the wheel, they have no wars before December 12, when they will fight the Chicago Bear on Sunday Night. “The most important thing is to treat and take care of my toes,” Rogers said in Sunday asked his weekend plan.

Rogers said in the program that if he really did surgery, it would be fixed and corrected to avoid displacement of any way, resulting in greater injury. This means that his toes will not be bent in this season. Rogers and team hopes to eventually reach the toes and ultimately restore normal activities by avoiding surgery.

“We hope that in these weeks, the injury will get enough healing. Maybe we can avoid surgery.” Rogers said: “We may re-evaluate this week or next week, but the final purpose is to avoid avoiding Surgery. Perhaps natural injury will spend more time, getting a few weeks, the best situation is at the end of the season, it will not bother you anymore. “Rogers also said that he was a new crown in last month. During the isolation of pneumonia, the toe fracture, but he has played three consecutive games.

During this time, Rogers’s only formal training was on November 19th, that is, the packaging industry to vast two days before, he said that he was injected in the rest of the game. Drug, but did not inject in the game on Sunday. In the game that defeated the ram with 36-28, Rogers threw 307 yards and two times. He said after the game: “Different, I don’t have to take a needle when I take a break in the middle.”

To put it up, you may not believe that Rogers have even a rush to reach last week, defeating the Ram angle to Ramsea on the 1 yard line. In the past two games, Rogers thrown out of 692 yards, and the 6-time Dali did not be copied. Rogers said: “In most of the game, my toes feel good. I just talk to the doctors, will conduct more tests, better understandings, and make a decision.”

Ravler has previously said that he handed the decision of the surgery to Rogers and professional medical staff: “I didn’t participate in any decision about this, I only brought my ear.”