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  • It turns out that NBA has these special groups, you only know 75 big superstars, know the famous 180Club?

It turns out that NBA has these special groups, you only know 75 big superstars, know the famous 180Club?

On the NBA’s stadium, it is full of a variety of men, this is very understandable that everyone is basically no way to enter this game, it is easy to be bullied by others, so small children The player is very rare, but the 180 club refers to this 180 club will not be height, but there is a special meaning. At present, 9 people have appeared in this club, they are all famous, including Curry, Ou Wen, La Liber, etc., what is the ability to enter this club with your ability?

NBA is very famous 180 clubs are also known as 50 40 90 clubs. It means very simple. The hit rate of the born must reach 40%, and the hit rate of the free throw is 90%, and only this is qualified to get the finalist. In addition to these mentioned above, they still have a very important place to get 300 times in a season, and they have to get 82 three-pointers
and 125 free throws, so they can enter this club. It is a very powerful player, and ordinary people will not work at all. Here is the specific candidate of this club.

Ou Wen was a member of the latest join the club. He was officially formed in the season last season. At that time, he gave a total of 54 times. The game scored more than 26 points. It can be said that it is quite powerful. It was a person in the 18-year-old club member. He led the team to the NBA championship as a championship in 2011, and seated a total star lineup for 7 consecutive times. His personal strength is very Strong, playing on the court is also very gorgeous, if not because he can’t play the game in this season, then we believe that he can keep up. It can only be said that he missed this season, and it also caused shadows to his career.

Brogen entered NBA in the 2016 season. He is also the second member of this club. Don’t think he is nothing to do. He is called the best rookie in the first season, for him. This is very difficult because his basketball career is still very long, so there are more opportunities to get more fractals in the future, in fact, it is difficult to do this, you must know that NBA has Hundreds of players are not all people who can grasp the opportunity to perform well, most people are likely to fall in the rookie.

Another member of the other to mention is Ples, and he is a member of the 18 0 club. He went to the knight in the day of the draft. His whole career looks more ordinary, but it is already very shiny with ordinary players. He used three times to get a full star lineup, and the performance on the court is often unexpected. Although he doesn’t have a way to lead the team together, he can always bring some small surprises, this is still people feel I admired.

The next thing to say is the library. He will appear in this lineup. It is not unexpected. As a player who created a small ball, his score ability is ordinary person, it is not more than, He is also a player who has got MVP. He led the team’s continuous forward, and his performance is also very good at this season, and his data is the most powerful in the 18-year club, so many People will be self-defeating.

In addition, Durant is of course this lineup. He is now the best player in NBA, under his lead, the team is constantly moving, his honor is full, and he is actually now You can also get a game, 30 points of excellent results, the most important thing is that his physical condition is particularly good. He repeatedly did not know fatigue on the court, no matter what problems, you can stick to it, this Let the other stars feel very admire at a point.

The last thing to say is the first member of the 180 club. He is La Liber, although he is nothing famous now, but he has done this in two seasons. He only stayed on the court. 13 years, because the injury is too early, so soon, I will have a great regret to choose to retire to leave the music game. People hope that he will return to the court, but he has no way.

After reading the article above, we will find that the members of the 180 club are very gold, they are totally different from those ordinary players, and their performance in the field will often be unexpected, can’t believe it can get this. Data, also gives other players to the power, I want to enter the 180 club is a very tough thing, not anyone can go in, so as long as I can get
around, it is the biggest affirmation of this player.