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  • Japan has to become the first ping-pong strong country in 2031, do not light the goal of Japan’s football.

Japan has to become the first ping-pong strong country in 2031, do not light the goal of Japan’s football.

On September 24, 202, the Japanese aaj tak yesterday newsTable Tennis Association announced the 100th anniversary planning, which announced that China’s first table tennis strong country was announced in 2031. This goal seems to be a bit good and high, but from the goals and completions set in Japan’s other sports projects, it really needs to cause national payment.

The 100-year plan for Japanese football has been laminated

In other sports projects, the completion of the target is the football project. The Japanese Football Association has launched a watched “100-year plan”, the target content includes the Football Association in the top 10 in the world in 2015, 5 million football population (player and his family, football worker, registered fans), team Go to the top ten of the world. 2050, the football population is 10 million, accounting for 10% of the total population of Japan, and holds a World Cup and won the champion. (Also contains the goals of income and policy)

In fact, in addition to the national team ranking, Japan has completed the above goals, the national team ranking Japan’s latest world ranking is 28, which is 22 in the previous ranking. According to FIFA 2010, the total population of Japanese football is 4.8 million, of which is 1040,000 in the Japanese Football Association. The number of players under 18 years old reached 630,000.

Can Japan be more than China on table tennis?

Japan is now implementing a national system in a talent selection and training of table tennis. Because of the national reasons, many children began practicing and exposed to table tennis at 3 or 4 years old. At the national youth team, there are three teams in Japan, which are the Olympic elite colleges,channel news channel the national youth team, and a team consisted by the company’s title club and college mergers. Training is practiced together, and it will practice each. In terms of capital investment, the Japanese Table Tennis Association invests 300 million yen (about 18 million RMB) per year to develop youth training.

Japan has developed in table tennis, I think it is not bad, some places are even better than China. But I want to transcend China for ten years, I think the difficulty is still very big. First of all, in the population of table tennis, China is almost all kinds of ping pongs. Liu Guoliang revealed in a personal social media, and China now has 2,000 table tennis professional athletes, and an athlete of 30000 post-affairs sports schools, and the folk table tennis enthusiasts are 83 million. (These 83 million people participate hey google what’s happening in two table tennis per week, each time no less than one hour.) This quantity participation is a critical role in China’s table tennis development.


For the current Chinese table tennis, I think there are two main problems. The first table tennis super league is not high, and the attention of the table tennis league may be the problem that needs to be solved next. Another problem is that children participate in pong pong. In recent years, young people participate in the number of table tennis have also declined. This is still very important to do a good job of young training. Japan’s table tennis may have some threat to the country, and if you want to exceed or very difficult.

Japan has to become the first ping-pong strong country in 2031, do not light the goal of Japan’s football.