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  • Jeregi exits the home base for the back injury, Chapman will join hands with the father of the same competition

Jeregi exits the home base for the back injury, Chapman will join hands with the father of the same competition

Auckland Sports Home Base Hand Mat – Chapman’s MLB All-Star Home Based Play is a special plot, from the small to the big, he will watch the home run with his father, and the child’s Tips will have a chance to be able to Dad performs the same field. Now the opportunity is really coming!

Because Milwaukee’s Wilder’s Women’s Hands Cristian-Yaleqi back injury exits, Matt Chapman will be completed into the MLB home base game. It is reported that Chapman has already set it, you have to play with Dad Jim Chapman, and Jim will make the ball pitcher as Matt.

Chapman could pose the position
of the Yelichead seed, and he will be a small Villamill-Grero that won the crown of the crown.

Chapman was also excited to have an interview earlier today. “I don’t think I will appear in the home running competition. But now the dream is true, then I have to ask for a child to watch the home base game. The father looks together. “

Suddenness of the invitation, Chapman did not have time to simulate the rules of the home running competition, but his opponent Xiaogrero has conducted at least two rounds of home running competition. Exercise.

“Maybe this is better,” Chapman said. “Don’t think about these things. I will make targeted exercises tomorrow. I am sure, I will also add some unique training methods in a routine blow practice, so I hope that my father can give me a ball, we will cheer together, The target wins but what happens. “

Sports Stars Three Square Hand Matt – Chapman This season has hit 21 homes, only 3 wells from the career created in the 2018 season. He hits the homes to escape the forefront of the league, and it is more difficult to be expensive. It is a full-scale player to play the ball to any position of the stadium.

However, for the home running competition, Chapman said that his strategy is to make the show muscles. At this all-star hosted, Chapman played 6 times, and the homes on the left side of the progressive stadium may be the unfavorable factor in the right.

Chapman said: “I just tried to hit the ball, I hope I will happen. I feel very excited this time, I will tell him that the ball will throw the ball to the center of the city. I will put it. Ball to the left Chinese and foreign wild. “

The participating players of this Baseball Play have a pirate team, Bel, Indians, Karlos Santana, Dodge Jock-Pedson, Warrior’s Ronald Akuna, Metropolitan Team Pitt – Alonso, Blue Bird’s Xiaogrero and the space team of Alex Bregman, 93 miles / hr of Chapman’s 93 miles / hr of Tugman fell back from Bell’s 93.4 mi / h.

Chapman said that he has gone with the broker Scott-Bolas earlier this earlier, expresses his willingness to attend the home run.

Generally speaking, the home base game may affect the waves. Work hard in a short period of time, and the body will cost a lot of strength. In the unfortunate situation, the body will exist in the future and affect the future. Bar trajectory. Chapman didn’t worry about the sequelae of this barrier, and the sportsman’s total coach Bob Mervent also lively.

Matt Chapman grows up in the suburbs of Southern California, in 2010, the home base played in the home of the angel, he had to visit the scene and witnessed the “old” David – Ortz wins, his favorite The home base game is held in the main field of New York in 2008. The hot Jose-Hamilton has played a record 28 on the first round.

“Participate in the home running competition, this is what I have been dreaming, now I really entries! I will definitely use this opportunity.” Chapman said.