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Ji Nieh: Daro is my first idol, then Xiao Luo, Kaka

Live Bar November 2 Recently, Ji Nieho talked about the topic of joining the Italian national team and its idols when interviewed.

What is the reason you become a Italian?

Ji Nieh: “When I received a google morning representative Italy invitation, it was a U21 team. I didn’t have a chance in Brazil, no matter how hard it worked. And Italy opened the door for me. Welcome to me. This gives me. Achieving a dream. In addition to being a Brazilian, I also think that I am Italian. ”

“After a few years, Edu (former Brazilian Director, now in Arsenal), call me, saying that ndtv head Brazil considers me, this is before the Russian World Cup, February 2018, I was still in Naples. But I am still in Naples. Before Edu’s phone, I have focused on the Italian national team. I didn’t even consider entering the Brazil. But for what’s new in the world me, Edu’s phone is a surprise. ”

Talk about your idol

Ji Nieo: “Ronaldo is my first idol, then Xiao Luo, Kaka. When I started playing more games, I saw a lot of Pierlo and Harvey game, this for me It is a great reference. I fell in love with 24×7 bengali the football played by these players. ”