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  • Join the red tones are very excited! Hopkins, you are the best way to take advantage of the alliance.

Join the red tones are very excited! Hopkins, you are the best way to take advantage of the alliance.

May 29 (Wen / ESPN JOSH WEINFUSS Compilation / Love) Although the way Arizona is ridiculous by many fans, but the former Texas people take over De Andre – Hopkins is obvious about their own new east. Quite satisfaction; he is full of commemoration for the best attack in the last season of cooperation, Murray is full of expectations, and at the same time, he also has an extremely confident cognition.

Hopkins believes that he is the best outer hand on the league!

“I absolutely think that I am the best.” Hopkins said when I was visiting the show on Thursday. “I know that I am the best, this is no distinctive. Michael Thomas is also great, I am very I like him, but if my whole career is working with Bris, my data will be much more than the present. Falcon’s Hurio-Jones is also great, I have trained with him, and his career has Matt – The excellent four-point guards like Lane give him the ball. And who they know that people who pass me. “

“They are very fortunate, their entire career is all guarded with a league, I will not complain, this is not an excuse, I can only complete the matter of myself.” Hopkins said.

Since I was selected by the Texas in 2013, Hopkins had received up to 10 quad-defense passed until 2017, I was waiting for Te Shahne Watson, and the quadrant candidates were stable. In the case of Watson as a four-guard, Hopkins took 268 passes, promoted 3,373 yards, 25 buses reached. Obviously, an excellent quadrant can make Hopkins’s output; he is located in the third place in the league after 2017, second only to Thomas and Jones.

Now, although Watson has leaving Watson, Hopkins is very high in the expectation of the procition of the procition of the rickets. For him, the cooperation of the two is an exciting thing. “And such a young quarter-saving, and the team of four-point guards in the future is very good.” Hopkins said, “We hope to build a good chemical reaction. I hope that I can cooperate with this quarter-breaking three seasons, I haven’t had such experiences, so I am very happy to play with a stable quartz. “

Although there is no stable four-guard offers pass protection, since 2013, Hopkins’ buses and the number of ball numbers have been ranked third, and the number of times of reaching the number of times the number of people is aimed. The league is the most. There is no doubt that he is the “Dad” of Texas in the past few seasons, and his 1165 yards were taken at 7 times last season.

Let Hopkins excited more than cooperation with Murray, facing the air raid system of the coach Jinsuri, this super star takes over, I believe I can be able to integrate, and get more dazzling than the past. . “Of course, I will integrate. I have a lot of four-point guard, my adaptability is very strong, as a pick-up, I can see my improvement space.” Hopkins said, “We have other great external connections – Fitzgerad, Cortes and many people, but I will definitely make my performance more excellent.”