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La Liga is cold! 2-1, Western Royal Council, the wonderful battle between the attack and defensive!

On the evening of October 3, Beijing time, the 8th round of the La Ora League, the Spanish against hot news today in hindi the Royal Madrid, the Spanish 2-1 Like opponent, got a very valuable 3 points, and this game, the performance of Spaniards is also matched This victory!

Before this game, the western is the 14th, the opponent Royal Madrid is the top Qi Qi Qi, which is also the top team. For the Western, the game team wants to win the difficulty. Of course, the team is sitting on the home, or I look forward to taking a score.

However, the process of the game allowed the fans to see some big felling glasses. It was originally thought that the Real Madrid took away 3 points from the away farm, but did not expect that the Western performance is very good, as the header shooter, Dithmas 17 In minutes, help the team get goals, 1-0! Spanish leading Real Madrid!

Take later the process of goal, the right road organizes the attack. Before the road ok google show me is strong, the Dethimas Middle Road quickly packed the ball to enter the ball, so wonderful cooperation completed the goal, Demmaas It is also very excited, slide to celebrate!

Subsequent time, both sides have a chance, but the door of both sides will express very brave, especially the Spaniards’ gates, and the wonderful power of the Diego – Lopez.

Easy to fight again, Real Madrid takes the lead in conducting people adjustment, the 60th minute, the Spaniards will be 1 goal, 2-0, Bundal midfield with the ball forward, www economictimes indiatimes com Real Madrid’s defensive players do not dare to train fouls during the defensive process. However, no one thought that Budal took the ball into the penalty area directly, and the ball drilled into the nest! This time Kuruva is also a helpless!

Subsequent, Wu Lei debut, although the team did not expand the advantage of the goal, the final team still defeated the opponent by 2-1, Ben Zema pulled back a ball for Real Madrid. For Spaniards, the team is not smooth, but it is better to get better, nearly 3 rounds got 2 victories. For the Western who returned to La Liga, the team’s goal is to be advanced! Have to say, this game, the western offensive is sharp while the defensive end is also good, the team wins the opponent is amazing!