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  • Lakers 3 overtime regret the king! James 30 + 7 + 11, Wei Shao 3 pairs, Fox cut 34 + 6 + 8

Lakers 3 overtime regret the king! James 30 + 7 + 11, Wei Shao 3 pairs, Fox cut 34 + 6 + 8

The NBA regular
season continues to start, in a game, the Lakers have passed the 3 overtime for 3 overtime, and eventually disappeared with 137-141. In this game, the Lakers ushered in the back of the eyebrows. The 3 giants once again completed unfortunately, they did not usher in a victory. The first three sections of the two sides were very angry, the first half of the two sides 43-43 flat, the third quarter finished the lake 5 points leading advantages, the fourth opening game once opened to 13 points lead, looked at the situation, but then the kings played a wave of offensive climax, and chased it in 21 seconds left 100-100, the last attack, James The transistive 3 points out of the hand, and the two sides entered the overtime.

In the overtime, the Lakers led the next one of James, but then Hilde broke out, a key 3 points and a throwing, helping the king twice to flatten the score, and the two sides 112-112 dragged into Second time time. The second overtime, the two sides are very anxious, James Key Filter 2 is 1 missing penalty for the chance of killing, and finally the two sides drag into the third overtime overtime! In the third overtime, the king of the king showed their strengths in physical strength, constantly impacting the basket to create killing and kicking the leading advantage, the Lakers finally regretted the opponent by 137-141.

All games, the Kings Newcomer Fox contribute 34 points 6 rebounds 8 assists, Harriballon 19 points 7 rebounds 9 assists 4 steals, the attack and defensive performance is very comprehensive, the starter Middle Runn is 12 points and 7 rebounds, substitute Turns Davis Get 13 points 6 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals, while the Lakeback Temperature, Hilde, who is in the regular time, 3 points outside 9, can be said to be a lake, but overtime The stage welcomed the outbreak, let the king re-see hope, and finally he got 25 points and 4 rebounds 6 assists.

The Lakers, the eyes are not good, but the status recovery in the overtime game, eventually get 23 points and 8 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals 5 caps, and the defensive end is still strong. James cut a 30-point 7 rebound 11 assists, and Wei Shao is the best in the 3 giants, and finally he contributed a three-double performance of 29 points and 10 rebounds 11 assists. The Mumk contributed 20 points and 5 rebounds 3 assists 1 steals, and the routine time hit a key 3 points. Anthony cut a 16-point 4 rebound 1 steals, the third time-to-time hit a key 3 points helped the Lakers to renew.

The Lakers won 13 points in the fourth quarter, the situation is good, but unfortunately, the offensive power will appear in this season, and this game is no exception, and finally by the king to play a wave of offensive climax dragged into the time. However, in terms of the first team of this age, the last played a time-fiscal victory. At this point, it has been spelling 3 plus, the last few stars have no physical strength. The third overtime can be felt, and several of the Lakers will basically run, but the King’s Fox is still easy to hold the ball to break through the basket, and the strength of physical strength. After losing this game, the Lakers 3 giants have a problem that they will once again become a hot discussion.