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Legacy 19 points to lead 20 points! Warriors are too fierce, 6, 6 cuts 13 points, also played out

On November 25th, Beijing time continued. Today, the Warriors ushered in 76 challenges at home. Although the warrior is a more optimistic, 76 people have played a warrior, they One level leading 19 points, I thought that the game was taken, and the Warriors began to be crazy in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, he played 30-12 climax, and the final warrior was 20 points to end the competition with 116-96.

The 76 people in this sector are also doing their best to my brother. His 16 shots 8, three points 5 in 0, 44 points 1 assists, Curi 15 in the audience, 9, three points 11 in 6, 45 Focus on 4 rebounds 10 assists. Maxi has played inefficient today, and the 15 shot 5 assists in the audience, the three rebounds 5 assists 1 cover data,
Zhuang God faced Rooney’s defense today, the audience 5 0 widen 1 minute 12 rebounds 2 assists, the audience has 5 mistakes.

In addition to Kuri, the Warrior except Kuriti, Poer’s 13th 5, three points, 2, 17 minutes, 5 rebounds 6 assists, chasing dreams 5 3, win 10 points 9 rebound 7 assists 1 steal data, As long as the dream can score the double warrior, it is difficult to be defeated, and the Vints will be 13 in the audience. The 1 bill will win 18 points, thank you for the performance of Tuscanon Anderson.

He won the 6-point 6-shot 6 assists in 6 points in the audience 1 steals 2 covered data, with single order in the fourth quarter Anderson, 9 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, is very good. Anderson is always overtime, his score efficiency is not too good this season. This season is 14.1 minutes from the game. 3.8 points 2.3 rebound 1.9 assists, shooting in the hit rate of 44%, three hits 33.3%, Anderson’s impact The force is still nice.

Although the overall score, the main reason is that his tactical status is too low, but there is almost no attack, but in the past few Anderson’s performance is still nice, before the piston, he played 37 minutes, although he only got 2 points but there were 6 The rebound 9 assists, and then hit the eagle before, Andon won 11 minutes. Anderson’s defensive ability is very excellent, and the season’s defensive efficiency is 103.2. This data can be taken into the top 70, net efficiency +4, and he is present in the team’s hundred rounds to win 4 points.

Anderson was a 19-year drop show, the Warriors got the beads, the young man’s sports ability was very good after the election, he went to the Mexican league to hood, and the Lakers were signed with a basic salary at the age of 26. Signed a contract. After Anderson called the mother, he cried, the man had tears and did not flick, from here we can also see that Anderson wants to enter NBA, and can see how it is not easy to enter the Alliance before. .

Last season, Anderson was only $ 360,000. His annual salary was 1.7 million this season, after signing the first contract, he chose to buy a car for your brother, and Anderson’s family is very difficult, but this experience is also given. Anderson did not have the toughness, he knew how it was not easy, so he didn’t work on the scene. He always gave the team to the team in the attack and defense, there is no doubt that Anderson has already played. Even if his data is not good, it will not be called without a ball. Say this, what do you want to say? Welcome to the message discussion.