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Liu Xianzhen suppressed warrior walked to remember the first work Dodge and gave a high efficiency

On October 5th, Beijing time, the division of the MLB National Fame was fully launched, and the Los Angeles Daoji sit in the first series of 6-0 in the first series of 6-0.

Liu Xianzhen is known as the monster left in Korea, today he shows the Korean team's name

Liu Xianzhen is known as the monster left in Korea, today he shows the Korean team’s name

The host Russen praised South Korea’s pitcher Liu Xianzhen for the Warriors’s line pressure, so that the reason why the Dodge can zero the Warrior is the first time, the first farther Liu Xianzhen.The commentary, the guest Chen Hui reappears, the whole game, Qi’an fights, did not have a Warrior, but it was amazing with 5 security but high efficiency.

Dodge was the first half of the first half, from Liu Xianzheng as a first pitcher, Ronald Akunia was appointed to the Warriors opened a pioneer, Rosen introduced 20 years old, as a rookie, bolding 26 Playing, Chen Hui comes to the record of the Warriors in Jukia. The data in the next half of the season has the MVP level, the hits and the pirate technology are very good, but unfortunately knock out the inner rushing tanhron is killed.

Freddy-Fremman was confiscated after the John Camago high-speed ball was confiscated, but Nick Malkiis hit the earth was blocked, the warrior didn’t have a difference, in the first place Half-enabled Mike Frit Button, served as a first-behaved pitcher, Dodge 1st stick chicken-Pederson slammed out the Yangchun cannon leading to 1-0, Justin Turner and then knocked out the length of the long-term power, Chen Hui praised nothing more perfect than this.

Max-Mangxi is guaranteed by four bad balls in the world, so that the road has ushered in no one, a good situation in Manni Madoxo and Asman Granne-Granne Cody-Beilinjie is also sent by the four bad balls, and the Dodge is currently the two people out of the game, but unfortunately, Yaheier Puig is regrettable by Frit Buttan. Restriction.

Warrior bearer Taylor-Floss was killed by Liu Xianzheng in the second game, Ozi Albes knocked out the ball and was blocked, and Edel – Due to the West Atight did not threaten, Chen Hui praised Liu Xianzhen. Successfully completed three on three. Enrique – Ernande was left out of the second half, Liu Xianzhen knocked out the high flying ball was killed to the bureau, Chen Hui introduced that there is still a rare right of Liu Xianzhen so left right.

Pederson was taken in the left knee inside the left knee, and Turner was also sent by the four bad balls to make the Dodge. Some people, the result of Mangsi 3-point gun. To 4-0 Warriors. Chen Hui repeatedly reminded Frit Button to do not produce lost shoots, but unfortunately, it is too sweet to speak too sweet. Rosen’s blusters Virti button Dodge is not from the heart, and it is good to cause horse tortha, but the damage has been caused.

Charlie – Carriberson watched the ball in the third game was blocked, and the Frit Button was wrapped out after the Liu Xianzhen three vibration, Akunia was also resolved to let Dao Qi finished three. The Warriors choose to change the Shawn Newcomm in the second half of the third game, vase Grant Dal and Pyg, and use Flolls to kill the Boge, Rosen said Zancomm Just consuming 9 balls to solve the Trinity Trinity.

Mamago and Fremown’s fourth game were knocked out of the ground, and Malkiys was immediately left in advance, Liu Xianzhen, returned, and let the Warriors do not even usher in the opportunity. Liu Xianzhen was killed in the anti-direction of the anti-direction in the fourth place in the fourth place, and Chen Hui told the Korean player’s running Both has an inexplicable joy. Unfortunately Pedson and Turner were resolved. Drop the residue.

Liu Xianzhen was in the 5th game, and the ground was blocked with Albes and then he was immediately knocked out of Sianti and Karrbson. Chen Hui bluntly said that the two shots slow but drop very good. The Warriors arrange Suzuki Qing Dynasty knocked out high flying balls, but unfortunately he left a restriction, Chen Hui introduced Suzuki Qing, born in Hawaii, USA.

Liu Xianzhen and Ernande celebration score

Liu Xianzhen and Ernande celebration score

The Warriors selection in the second half of the 5th game to replace Max Fried, and seize the Macha to complete the double kill after the four bad balls, and seize the mutterer. The
Warriors choose to change Brad – Brach in the second half of the 6th game, and then bombarded the Yangchun gun after the two people arrived at the Yangchun gun until 0-5, Russen praised this is Dodge in this game. The third bombard, Chen Hui said that this is a catastrophic for the Warriors.

Liu Xianzhen’s seminated Markaki is sealing Markaki, and the three vibration of Florisk will be quite exciting, and Chen Hui is quite exciting. It is very likely that the Dodge has been in the anaba of Albes, Liu Xianzhen continues to be a successful Si Xiji, and gets Corres – Kaxi’s hug encouragement.

In the second half of the 7th game, Brah is first-rate Pederson, but the four bad balls will send the one and the second bases, Chen Hui released the sudden outbreak after changing the fighting action, visible Dodge crack coach is recognized in the industry. Although Machado is out of the bureau, it is still in the second or three bases, the Warriors choose to change the Ni-WenTers, and the Granadal high-speed ball is successful.

The Dodge was selected in the 8th game to change the Carrib – Ferguson, Mangsi got off the Barbson’s ball, follow-up, successively, Sanzuo, Rally – Adams and Akunia. Chad Sobteka was on the first half of the 8th game, and the Baylin jeoparded the ball and then built the best. Ernande is transferred to the second base.

Dai Wei-Fritz face Sosteka knocked out the high flying sacrifice, help Pu Geg ran back home base to let Luqi then 1 to 6-0, and Ernande is equally promoted The three bases, but unfortunately Pederson’s rolling ball was blocked. Dodge has changed in the 9th game and selection to change the Alex-Wood, first to kill Kamo high-speed ball and Zhenfeng Ferman, and then be tapped by Markakys and Florisk. .

Dodge was forced to change again to replace Dylen – Floro is better to get the last number, and lock the score to 6-0 to defeat the Warriors at home. After Chen Huiyai, he frankly did not have a warrior, but 5 security is astonished 6 points. After Rosen game, Zhao Yizhen Zhao Zhen Zhen is strong for the Warriors’ mainship, and contributes that the seventh bureau does not have 1 point of highlight performance. The reason why the Dodge can achieve zero seal at home, as a first-handed pitcher Liu Xian Zhen Jianji.