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Ma Xiko has went to Harper to go to the Trumpet.

On February 23, Beijing time, the Grand Union San Diego priests and Manni Madoxa officially signed a 10-year $ 300 million contract, and Maracotry wilypeted the priest team’s 13th jersey.
Previously, he had been wearing 13 in the Jinji team, wearing an 8th jersey in the Taoist team, and the same jersey began to sell in the official store.

Machado is a rookie signed in the first round of the 2010 Jerong team. In the 2018, the golden team traded in the finals of the league, the Dodge of the day, after the end of the season, Machado became a free player.

Machado high salary bilcher triggered airtight sensation

Machado high salary bilcher triggered airtight sensation

The $ 300 million contract has become the most expensive free player contract in the history of the Great Pien, breaking Alex Rodrigs’ contract records at the 10-year contract record of 2007, and is the first more than 3 Billion dollar free player contract. (The highest contract is the renewal of 320.25 million in Stanon 2014).

2010 new show, Harper is the champion of the year, Machado is a rookie of the first round of the first round, and they become the most weight-free two free players during the break. The last season is the contract of Harper and Macha, but the free player market is obviously as cold as the last year, and now the horse is in the beginning of the spring training, and Harper is still There is no sure message.



Media in early 2018 season in
the dissemination of Mr. Harper’s $ 400 million wind, but not as good as we wish day, Harper-year contract performance is excellent, but mediocre batting average, the overall data also failed to surprise called for the day people (against measurements .249 / .393 / .496 and 34 home runs), Machado hit measurements .297 / .367 / .538 and 37 home runs, hit, defense and stability are superior to Kazakhstan amber. Although $ 400 million has come to naught, but the media and fans still believe that Harper’s worth should be higher than Machado.

Harper really can win higher contract amount do? Machado very different talent and has the highest free-agent contract hit a record, why Harper is more valuable than Machado? Among them there are three major reasons.

Porras’s top brokers to manipulate Harper signed

You know, the industry specializing in surgery, talk about the contract https://www.fanbutikk.comprice of this kind of thing, certainly not the players personally, but by their biggest promoter behind the scenes – to the broker. Harper and Machado hired one of the best in the industry broker, the broker is Machado Dan – Lozano, Harper’s agent is Scott – Porras.

Lozano Feng Gong performance in addition to helping Machado won 300 million contract, there are the famous Angels Pujols 240 million contract and the Reds Voto $ 225 million contract. And Porras at 2013 Forbes magazine “the most powerful sports agent.”

Harper's new contract will exceed Machado do?

Harper’s new contract will exceed Machado do?

Porras was originally born players, but due to knee injuries and early retirement, career strike rate of .288. Porras company proxy nearly 200 players, many of which are top players, and record breaking record contract. Porras like to skip the team manager and team owner direct negotiations, but also good at anything, observe and then shot, so Harper’s contract must be such as to see Machado price tag before the decision.

Machado broken by Alex – Rodriguez at a record 10-year contract of 275 million signed in 2007, the year that Porras hit. Not just a free agent, Porras also reaching new records show, signing bonuses, including the 2009 national champion team Strasberg signed $ 7.5 million in 2011, the Bucs Cole lottery $ 800 million.

Hapobima Machado cards children more?

In addition to the stadium, Harper’s influence is significantly greater than Machado. Harper in high school when there is a gas field major league in the league produced baseball game is the cover of Harper packaging, Harper a million fan base on Twitter, and so on. It should be said, not just on behalf of the Harper baseball.

Although these are not important on the court, but there is no doubt that commercial endorsements force Harper is very powerful, which is very important to baseball market. The Machado’s personality and behavior is likely to provoke criticism.

Harper expected value of the new season is better than Machado?

Machado is an infielder, win shares come from the garrison, while Harper is an outfielder, from the offensive win shares, so five years, four years Machado higher than Harper. However, Harper’s OPS + 3 is 5 years 4 years higher than Machado. The pursuit of offensive capability of the team will be more inclined to choose Harper, Harper and they expect to be back in 2015 (Win Shares 10) peak period.

In addition, Machado career against measurements at home is .295 / .353 / .534, while on the road is .271 / .319 / .442, the difference is quite large, Orioles hitters baseball field is paradise (home plate hit probability higher than the league average of 15%, the highest year of more than two percent) and the Padres can wear baseball field is the pitcher paradise (home run probability is lower than the league average of 7%, the highest year of two percent or less). Harper hit home measurements are .284 / .394 / .518, the road is .274https: //, while the national team and the Philadelphia Phillies home is easy hit home run pitch.

In view of the previously mentioned, Stanton is the highest contract signed in 2014 with the Marlins 325 million 13-year contract, if the Phillies or any other team can give more than $ 326 million contract that ha Perot probably will not hesitate to accept. The bottom line should actually be 325 million plus one, the bottom line is 300 million plus one.

At present most of the rumor that the Phillies. The Philadelphia team signed Andrew McCachen and David – Robertson, and traded Joan Segula and JT Ryanmo, if you don’t sign Harper, then these initiatives are meaningless. And it will make the fans very dissatisfied.

Harper will eventually go?

Harper will eventually go?

Harper is the national team in 2010 signed first-round draft pick last season just ended when the national team gave Harper a $ 300 million offer, but Harper did not agree, there are already a few months no national get a response, but for the time being not to raise the mean, however, add a dollar or can it!

However, even if the Padres signed heavily Machado, the total salary is only about $ 100 million, from 30 million short of the average level of 130 million alliance does not rule out the possibility of Harper they sign. Padres 2018 season, 96 defeated the National League West bottom, but it has a strong farm energy. Last year, 144 million Padres signed free agent Huo Simo royal title hero, this year Machado joined the Padres make even more powerful, if coupled with Harper would be a heaven.

White Sox gave Machado 8-year $ 250 million contract offer, the value of the annual salary is higher than the Padres, but the total Machado obviously not satisfied. After the loss of Machado, the White Sox will continue to work hard to get Harper, but even if it fails again, the fans probably will not be disappointed, because the White Sox have made them desperate.

In addition, the Yankee, the Giants are rumored list.

All in all, Harper is the team Menlian and the printing press, in the end is which team to sign the final hit heavily, so we’ll see.